I will be the first to admit it

I am addicted to sex. I am a female, mid thirties, married and I love sex. I love having sex with strangers, co-workers, husband and neighbors. When I was younger I truly drank to much and would pass out waking up sometimes with guys on me, clothes off having a great time. I also never was awake for some of them and woke up with cum in just about everything but I really liked it.
These days I pretend to pass out sometimes just to see what will happen, I get a lot more joy than before and have had numerous great times. The first part of me that always gets played with is my nipples, easy access and guys love them. One of my husbands friends dove in almost right away, I laid my head back like I was out and my husband waited a few minutes before excusing himself to the bathroom and within seconds I felt his friends fingers inside my bra touching my nipples. My husband walked thru the kitchen slowly and watched as his friend groped me for quite some time putting his hand down my shorts and at one point pulling my shirt and bra aside to suck on my nipples.
One of my other bad habits is showing up at hotel rooms for strangers but so far I have always lucked out with super nice guys who look scared and amazed that I even showed up. Most of the time they are married and are just looking for a quick no strings thrill while in town. I have shown up and they also tell me that they thought it was free and they are not paying for it thinking I am a pro but when I tell them I am still interested they get a dumbfounded look on their face. I also had an unexpected foursome once doing this, the guy told me that he had a friend at the hotel as well and could he invite him over. I misunderstood him with his Asian accent and it turned out it was friends, three of them and they really loved my American body with its 36 D cups and curvy hips. I had many orgasms that night and swallowed a lot of them.
My husband really enjoys my attitude about sex and has had many thrilling threesomes with another woman joining us. I love women also, I think we have the perfect shapes for sex and so many things to play with during it. He also loves to sit and watch the two of us pleasure each other for a while, watching as I devour her and listen to her moaning out with pleasure. Another thing we have done is he will restrain me and invite a stranger to come over and play with me, we have had a great time with this one even giving delivery guys a chance to play as well. We went to a biker rally a few years back and he set me up on the rear bunk bed of our travel trailer. It is so amazing that the bottom of the window meets right up to the mattress, guys could stick their heads in the window and lick me all they wanted.
So we have a lot of fun with sex and even on the night I wrote this I gave our neighbor a blow job, he is in his mid fifties and his wife is never turned on anymore so he comes over every now and then to get a blow job.


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  • You sound like a co worker of mine. She liked a young guy working next to me. She came right out and told me she wanted to bang him. He was a young summer intern.I told him and her and he said she’s nice looking but married. She said to tell him her hubbys doesn’t care they aren’t even in love with each other anymore. They both agreed to meet up one Friday night. She went and got a room for them both.
    Next Monday both give me details how it went. He said they fucked the entire night and he loved her huge tits.He said fucking an older lady is so much different than sex with his girlfriend. She said he was much bigger than her hubbby and she loved teaching him how to use it and fuck her good.They continued to see each other at lunch etc.. I left it at that and never cared what happened after that.

  • Funny story, one night after hanging with everyone by the pool, I decide it's time for me to retire to bed, lots of wine and just a long day. As I'm laying in the room waiting to fall asleep, I can sense someone watching me from the door, I pretend to be asleep, then they entered, then they leave, and so on. Finally a group of friends come back to the room, and they're all talking about me and my husband and how lucky he was. Mind you I'm in my 40's and a mother of 4, it was great hearing all this. Well long story short it got me wet, and they started touching me, and undoing my bikini, taking pics, kissing me, slapping me with their dicks, finally one of the guys said she's wasted it's my chance and slides his cock inside me, and another said don't bust inside of her, but he did, and the next guy had his turn, 4 guys that night.

  • I would love to meet you or at lease eat your pussy till you cant take it

  • At least your husband sounds like he's okay with your behavior. I'm bipolar, and during manic phases would always be "acting out" with other guys behind my husband's back. Crazy stuff, screwing guys from the grocery store, gym, my kids' teachers, etc. I'm in therapy for it, as it was a problem. It almost destroyed my marriage. Just make sure to get help if you think you need it.

  • Wow, I actually received responses, I checked for a day or two but did not find any.

  • I have not but my husband has and we have a great time with it. He told me about it as a fantasy years ago and I told him that he does not need to ask me ahead of time anytime he wants to do it. We do not use the R word however, we refer to it as being taken and he has taken me many times over the years. It has been as simple as me forced to my knees and sucking him off or as elaborate as a bag over my head with plenty of restraining.

  • Have you ever thought about controled rape by you let me know i will give you my number and we can talk

  • Whoops, the above response was supposed to be to this question.

  • Addiction is a mental illness. Must be careful who you let have sex with you. Some sicko could take it further and even hurt you.

  • Yes I have thought of that but at the same time the thrill of a stranger is overwhelming and I have had a few guys tell me that they think I hurt them. I was on top of a guy once riding him pretty good and his hip popped, he let out a long moan followed by a grimacing "you have to stop and get off of me now!" I guess he had a bad hip or something and I really aggravated it badly. He moved it around a little and did some stretching then felt a little better so I finished him off with a nice slow blow job while I straddled his face.

  • There's no such thing as sex addiction. But you may have an overdeveloped conscience.

  • What rock do you live under? Move under a smaller one, current rock is f'n up your thought process..... no sex addiction? Really?

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