I must be unique

I started pleasuring men early in my life, my brother was the first one to introduce me to giving pleasure. I had no idea what I was doing other than him telling me what to do and giving me reassurance that I was great at it. I learned early on that the faster and harder you do it the quicker it is over, especially with young men. Rather than be angry about it I channeled all that experience into my soulmate when I married him, we had sex of course before we were married but as soon as we were committed to each other I stepped it up quite a bit and he loved it all. My attitude is men need to be pleasured as much as possible and by as much as I mean anytime day or night, lets face it a man will let you pleasure him anytime. My husband was injured in a car accident one time, god forbid it happen again but he was laid up pretty bad in the hospital. I asked him after only a few days if there was anything he needed to help him out and his response was to whisper "I need a blow job" in my ear. He had one leg up in a cast with pins coming out of his foot and both arms dangling from supports and that is what he wants.
Yes I gave him one.
I have always wanted just a few orgasms a month because it takes foreplay for about forty five minutes for me to get ready for one, I am not quick when it comes to having one. He loves this but honestly just give me some light touches or suck on my toes for a bit and I am good for a week, him on the other hand would love a blow job an hour or more sometimes.
I brought with me some memories of what my brother did with me and he thinks I am the kinkiest woman alive. I tell him to stand in a dark closet and I will be there shortly to pleasure him, I have met him in the garage as he is pulling in kneeling in front of his work bench on a rubber pad naked, arms tied behind my back to the bench. I have also come up with some on my own like laundry day now that we have kids, I tell him to go downstairs and stand between the shelving on the other side of the basement. I tell the kids that I am loading up the washer and will be back in five minutes, I load the washer then go to the shelving and suck him hard and fast, he has an orgasm before the wash cycle starts. Before we had kids I always told him if you want a blow job just tell me or if you want to every now and then just grab my hair and stick it in my mouth. My brother invented that one and he always came really quickly from the power trip.
My husband also loves to watch football and hockey and never misses a game, back when it was just the two of us I told him that he could have one anytime his team scored. These days I sometimes have grandma watch the kids on a Sunday and tell him the same thing, he absolutely loves it and I have even upped my game a little bit telling him that if his team is ahead at half time he gets a slow sucking thru the whole thing.
So that is my outlook on keeping a man happy, orgasms and variety, think up something really dirty and I bet your man will love it if you do it to him.


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  • My Mom left my older brother in charge to watch me and our other brother, they were gone five minutes and he walked into my room with his cock sticking out of his pants zipper. I had no idea what one was let alone that it can be sucked on, he made up some story about how I could really help him out with something and I would be doing him a huge favor but do not tell our Mom about anything. He made it sound like it was going to be so much fun and this great secret between just us and I was like five when he did this with me. He joined the military as soon as he was eighteen and I was still doing him this big favor quite often just days before he left. He kept telling me that he was going to be gone and it would be so great if I could just help him out and do it a few more times a day. It was about three years later I learned what a blow job was one night at a girlfriends house, I sat there staring at the magazine with ten ways to please your mans thing and thought to myself the next time I see him I am going to punch him right in the sack.

  • I used to love sucking off my step brother, but when we started ducking it was all over

  • No you are not unique there are billions on the planet like you. it comes as a shock that you are generic as a person. but look around and see.

  • Unfortunately you are truly correct, women all over the globe have the same story. My wife as a friend that grew up in one of Africa's countries and she has some stories that will make the hair stand up on your neck.

  • How I would love to have you as a partner.I do do much for my wife and I mean more than the average husband and I get ridiculed for it from my friends. In return I get nothing back. She never tells any of her friends how much I do on fear of them wanting me. It happened early in our marriage my neighbors wife became attracted to me for all I did for my wife. She said she would never talk about me ever again. Your hubby is one lucky guy

  • You re more right than you know. The way to a mans heart is not his stomach. My 1st wife was a chore to have sex with and then it went to a sexless marriage. I fired her as a wife. My 2nd wife promised sex whenever I wanted and she has kept that promise for many years.

  • Marry me! Oh wait, too late!

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