Friday nights for wife

Every other Friday my wife (42) and myself go out to several sports bars or dance clubs in our area. It is agreed if my wife finds a young attractive guy she has the ok to flirt with him and do whatever they both please. It has been one of her deepest fantasies and now I am more than happy to let it happen.
Usually starts with my wife flirting with a guy hot young she has eyed out.After awhile of flirting with him at his table and After a few drinks my wife is no longer the shy attractive female she was when we first walked in. The need for intense sexual gratification soon starts to take over. She will usually find the right time to go chat up with him and next thing you know she is gone for a period of 30-45 minutes. This usually depends on how far both want to take it. Last time my wife left her number on a napkin and handed it to him as they headed for the bathroom.
Sometimes it takes a while before he will respond. Trust me no guy has ever left her dry. She loves sucking his cock usually in our car or wherever they can’t be seen.
There have been times when she’s has swallowed his load in the car and he has taken her outside to fuck her doggie. This is something she loves. I’m usually so excited by the time she arrives back but sometimes she wants to stay to continue eye flirting back with him. I love our conversations on the ride back home.
We usually fuck the entire rest of the night as she describes his loads, his stamina and his cock size. We usually frequent Twin Peaks asbthe crowd is much younger. Maybe we’ll see you around.

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  • My wife now has serious sexual relations with three males after I pestered her for two years, one my single friend another she met at work and the other we met at a resort on holiday, she really loves being fucked by all of them only one at a time, and certainly I am not left out, she has really opened up previously I only got vaginal and the occasional blow job now she is full on and loves anal plus mutual masturbation, she can go to them or I even stay in our spare room whenever they want to come over, it is just great.

  • I’m sure your like us. Glad to hear everyone is happy and it’s spiced up the relationship

  • We pretty much have it all worked out and it’s the best thing ever

  • After our third kid, when we got married, my husband became obsessed with me fucking other guys. We would go on sex-cations just to get me pregnant by strange.

  • Have fun spreading STD's around. You'll get one from her soon. Oh by the way since you're both ignorant as hell apparently, she can still get an STD by sucking cock. STD's CAN and ARE passed by oral sex.

  • So why don’t you go around and educate this whole board since you seem to be actin like a Dr. it happens every day you moron

  • Your probably one of those guys who stays out all night hoping to get laid by some hot female night after night at the bars/clubs ....only to go home with your hand again.
    I’m sure you feel left out and only wish it was you.

  • You Can believe what you want. Your choice and no need to make up anything

  • Need your advice on how to get my wife to be the same way would be great if you could help me convince her

  • I’d be more than happy to try

  • Get her drunk, works with my wife. A few beers and she will fuck any one.

  • That’s almost exactly how we started. She gets so loose and excited and loves all the attention

  • Could use your help convincing my wife to do the same

  • Probably the sexiest thing ever is watching my wife fucking other men. Seeing her suck dick. Seeing her big tits and fat ass bounce on another guys cock. Gets me so hard

  • I can't wait to see my wife bounce on another cock...

  • Yeh, so like markle meghan. look I see her trying to revolutionize the 3rd world and mars and back again. I see her really out to prove everyone wrong about her even if it means fucking charlie and having a kid to him and then taking harry off to america and annoucing themselves as the king and queen of usa, and that is what americans will want. cuz britz will be happy to see the ass-end of her gone and harry and some of the others. lets face it she is dragging them down to tribal warfare and teepee titty sex and canibalism and wigs and skullcapping. her night out and in, is like fucking them all and then doing a giraffe in a club full of beaners.

  • What the f*** are you even talking about you weirdo ?

  • Dude... seriously go see a Doctor before you up and kill everyone you twisted looney

  • Well I see samantha markle going on to be a actress or on usa you got talent doing a clown performance in her wheelchair and then be a big time actress in nollywood and marrying a black african man to keep up with meghan cuz this is what these celebrities do. normal average people don't live these way out lives. i see harry being a new james bond too and meghan as the first female president and first queen of usa together and having quin-trumplets.

  • Meghan and Samantha share a double ended BBC dildo and use it to smack the Queen across the face after getting it sloppy and wet. The Queen barks like a chicken and crawls around the castle on all fours for 3 hours after getting dildo whipped because she's looking for her teeth. Being toothless excites the queen so much that she sucks off the guards but they never show emotion or enjoyment as they must maintain proper posture while protecting the little whores kingdom. It really is fucked up across the pond but nowhere near as bad as the Kardashians.

  • Lol

  • WTF !

  • My wife loves to do the exact same thing at bars. She loves black men and has had sex with plenty of them. She always chooses black and she says the rumors are definitely true. Every single black guy she has been with are very well endowed and they know how to fuck.

  • Just an FYI... I have bedded black men that were NOT well endowed.

  • My wife did the same and had a train ran on her in the back of a van in the parking lot, she was drunk and doesn't know how many or who they were, all she's sure of is they all went bare back and all were black. I think it's great and want her to go back soon.

  • Wish I could talk my wife into this good for you any suggestions for me

  • But they don’t eat pussy and they are always broke.

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