Help wanted please

I am totally new to this and I am looking for help for Dominant friends .
To cut a long story short , my husband has not touched me sexually for 3 years , I then found an Ad he had posted looking to meet Dom/Dommes to become an oral slave to them , I was and still am livid with him .
When I questioned him about this , he broke down in tears and confessed that he had always wanted to be a slave but did not think I would be able to deal with it, {boy is he going to get a shock}.
I am now going to try and give him the life he wants , I must a but I I have in the past caught him out wearing panties and bra to which I went mad at him.
Since finding the Ad which I believe he wanted me to find I have decided that he will be now treated as a she and he wants to be a slave , then that's fine but I intend to make up for the lost 3 years sexually , he says he wants to be a slave , SO BE IT .
I have been reading up on the slave topic and I know there are different kinds of slaves ,I have decided that he will become a sissy slave or a feminised slave , I have read up on chastity and cuckholding and under the circumstances I think I want to take this route .
I am not at all experienced at being a Domme and looking for help and suggestions from Dominants on this site, I don't know what response I will get but hopefully maybe some wives have been through similar and can advise me .
I made a start yesterday , while he was at work and me being livid I cut up all male underwear and went and bought so granny knickers for him and put them in his drawer , he came home and was very quiet which suited me , he went for a shower and while he was in there I got the last of his male underwear and cut them up and left them on the bed , after his shower I saw the look of fear in his face at seeing the underwear cut up , I was expecting him to go mad at me but he just put his head down and he asked where we go from here , did I want him to leave? , {we are both RC and I don't believe in divorce } I told him that he is not getting away that lightly and that we will be staying together but things are massively going to change, he never replied , he put a pair of the knickers on and I got one of my old bras out and told him to put it on , he never said a word but just did it .
We had our evening meal and I don't know why but I just shouted at him to get in the kitchen and to get the pots washed and put away , again no word from him which surprised, it was like he was a broken man and you know I loved it .
I would not allow him to sleep in the bed but actually locked him in the spare room , I honestly thought he would kick off and bang on the door to be let out but he didn't , I made an excuse to open the door ,that being handing him a long nightdress and told him to get it on , not a word , he just put it on .
I am loving the power over him and dearly want to learn more about being a dominant mistress to him hence I am asking for help from others , not ready to meet others yet as I want to read up and learn things but it is my intention to cuckhold him and turn him into her and she then will get to suck men off , men of my touch , please do not pressurise me for meetings as I want to push him until he says something , if he doesn't I intend to push him further and further , so I would be interested in hearing from helpful people.
thank you for reading this

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  • Mavis darling I hope you did not fall off the perch when you were ill, are you still there I am getting a bit worried about you ?
    Helen xxxx

  • Just in case you are still logging in Mavis, the training was clearly exceptional, well worth every cent, Sherry was taken to the lowest humiliation/degredation and punishment then after brought back being properly taught how to be a really gurly, subordinate, obedient, house trained sissy, heels, wigs, makeup and all, Mum was so very happy being part of the control of Sherry she really loved being a big deal with Sherry's humiliation particularly the medical examinations, loved wearing her latex outfit, Mum has control of Sherry's keys and has her doing most of her housework nude, panties and bra or maids outfit mainly on a Sunday Mum always wears her latex so is getting great value while Sherry does all our housework Friday evening and Saturday.
    Darling you would not believe the change everything is just so fantastic and I certainly am being a lot more dominant and demanding.
    Hope you are going well with Nancy xxxxx

  • I wold love it

  • You would what ????

  • Hi Mavis darling are you still there if you don't want to read about Sherry's training just say so please.
    Today her course involves makeup and wig care, dressing, general cleanliness and deportment, walking in heels plus reaction and understanding commands.
    Tomorrow is going to be so funny but terribly humiliating for Sherry after breakfast which will include a laxative she is to wear bra and panties with heels and go to the oval with another trainee with three dom's for extensive submissive position learning, Madam said she should start shitting herself after half an hour oh dear !!!
    Tomorrow afternoon Sherry has another medical conducted by Madam with the assistance of two dom's, Mistress has decided that she will peg her after the exam and Madam would stand at Sherry's face while she describes how much she loves the pegging and wants to be so very submissive to Madam and Mistress Helen, everything is going so well, Sherry is virtually totally broken.
    Love you darling Helen xxxx

  • OH Mavis darling, mum rang to describe Sherry's first medical it went even better than expected, two nurses walked her in naked and straped her to the inspection table with feet in styrup's held wide then mum moved in and said hello to Sherry before removing her chastity cage and giving a lengthy full on examination and play with her clit and ovaries, Sherry was as red as a beetroot so embarrassed and humiliated after playing with her nipples, belly, mouth etc. Sherry was strapped into the doggie position so mum could take plenty of time feeling/inserting in her pussie then a nurse lubed her up and pushed a large butt plug in for anticipation of the pegging.
    Mum changed into a very sexy lace black bra and pantie set with the strapon which Sherry had to worship and take in her mouth to wet it up, after she was bent over a stool and tied hands and feet with a ball gag in.
    Mum really gave it to her all the way riding her for such a long time, Sherry had to thank Madam ten times, mum said "bitch you will get used to it".
    This afternoon Sherry's studies include every aspect of cleaning, ironing, laying out her Mistresses cloths, polishing shoes, making beds and some voice command learning.
    Mistress was ever so impressed with mum that she wants her to work for them three or four days a week in the upcoming busy period.
    Mum is over the moon and now waiting for further medical examinations and of course Sherry's punishment.
    Love you darling hope you are feeling better and getting your bitch under control, it is so great isn't it ? xxxxx

  • Yes Helen I am still here , been a bit under the weather that's all . Mavis xx

  • Hope you get better Mavis darling, please ensure you read the replies below.
    Mum look's so sexy and confident in her latex outfit with heels and really gets into the dom attitude when dressed.
    I dropped Sherry off for her training this morning, she was very quiet and embarrassed about signing in when she was made to be nude in front of Mistress, dom's and nurses. Her first medical that mum will be involved in is tomorrow about 11 o'clock I can't wait for that.
    Look after yourself darling xxxx

  • Hi Mavis darling, I just called the academy to see how Sherry was settling in, Mistress said she is OK after signing in she was collard and caged for two hours then showered, shaved, first training was dressing, curtsying, walking plus makeup, so that is good I asked Mistress if Sherry was going to be pegged could mum please be the first because she purchased a very nice strapon, Mistress enthusiastically agreed and advised that that would happen tomorrow after the medical and that it would be ok for mum to retain pegging rights often during the course, OH !!! how good is that, how humiliating, that little bitch is going to learn very quickly what being a sub is all about, Mistress also advised that Sherry will forthwith refer to mum as Madam 100% of the time, can't wait till I go down in six days for my Dom training with Sherry so excited, it is very expensive but well worth it.
    Love you darling hope Nancy is behaving xxxxx

  • Hey Mavis darling are you still there ?

  • Mavis darling, please ensure you read the replies 3, 4 and 5 below.
    Kisses Helen xxxx

  • Thank you Mavis darling I also look forward to our conversations, maybe glueing a wig on might be a bit extreme however mum is insistent that I am far too easy on Sherry so has suggested that after her next training she should stay with mum for a week to reinforce the course while I get a lot more Dom instruction from Mistress, mum is going to get a strapon so Sherry can be pegged.
    I really hope you get a Dom for Nancy you may have to book in darling it could take a while, I am certain they are busy Mistress is no longer taking on any new students.
    Sherry is very quiet and most attentive since she knows she will be locked for the next two weeks, last night and again this morning I had to strap her because she did not refer to me as Mistress Helen, she went to work with a very sore pussy so I think she will soon learn how serious I am taking this.
    Love you Darling xxxxx

  • Hi Helen
    Everything will be going to the extreme believe me , no stone left unturned, I will keep up my search for a Domme for her meantime little things are changing , always sitting on the toilet , keeping body hairless ect , oh I am going to have some real fun , might try and meet a girlfriend and tell her all about nancy , who knows she may like it and help . xxx

  • That's nice Mavis darling, you must select a very dominant, demanding, stern girlfriend to give Nancy the best chance of being an excellent Subordinate and the best type of sissy she can be.
    All the best darling xxxxx

  • Hi Mavis darling, this morning Sherry went off with a very red, very sore pussy again she forgot to refer to me as Mistress Helen, if this happens this afternoon I am going to cuff her naked and grasp both her ovaries that hang out the back of her chastity cage so very hard and pull her backwards around the house for a while then have her bend and cop the crop so bloody hard, after I will have her mention Mistress Helen 250 times, mum is so correct I have been too easy on her for too long since her introductory course, things are clearly going to change I swear.
    Mums latex outfit is on the way and due Thurs or Fri so we are very excited about that.
    Love you darling xxxxx

  • Mavis darling I may have found something that can help Nancy, go on the net search"sissy lover .com" / "sissy training academy" the courses are on line but virtually free and should keep Nancy busy for an hour or so a day after you sign her up, looks really good darling, I think if I were you I would give it a go.
    Love you darling please let me know how you go xxxxx Really like being in contact and trying to help, hope I am not getting to be a pain.

  • Hi Mavis darling, last night I cleaned and shaved Sherry played with her clit to precum then locked her, this morning she thought she would be released for work but I advised her that Mistress requested she be locked till the advanced course so she would continually think of her domination and that today I was posting the keys to Mistress so there would be no chance of a change of mind, you should have seen the look I got, I asked her if she was prepared and eager for her upcoming training and she agreed (no idea how humiliating and real good it will be especially for mum who is so excited and anxious about receiving her latex uniform ) I also informed her that I was going to be quite a lot more demanding and dominating from now on, and she would now refer to me as Mistress Helen, I think Sherry is starting to get the idea this is not just a game but actually a new way of life.
    Have you had any luck with a Dominatrix for Nancy I feel certain you will.
    Love you darling xxxxx

  • I have a busy weekend as I am also making sure nancy is completely hairless , have it in mind to shave her head and superglue a nice wig on which will always be worn, I have had no luck finding a trainer for her , either live to far away or are busy training others but I will keep looking .
    I bet your mum is excited and sherry is due for a few shocks as is nancy , I dont know if nancy sees this as a game but she is in for a massive shock if she does .
    I really like chatting with you , just a pity we are so far apart as I am sure we could have so fun times , can you imagine you, your mum and me having two slaves to work on , mmmmmmmmmm lovely xxx Mavis xx

  • OH Mavis darling after her next training I am sure Sherry would give anything just to have to be subservient to me alone, with mum it will almost be far too much for her because mum is really getting into this, checking the net on feminine training tips all the time now, she is so eager for her latex outfits and wants me to go to an adult shop with her to buy a lot of dom gear and toys, how would it be if you also got involved Sherry would faint at the thought.
    Love you darling not long before I drop Sherry off I am getting excited xxxxx

  • Mavis darling, google sissy training nottingham uk, enter vivienne l' amour and select a uk mistress location on the left, there are plenty to choose from around your area, you just have to contact a few you like and discuss Nancy's need's I am certain most would help, it may be a bit expensive but even if you took a 3 hour course to begin and was present you both would gain a lot.
    Please let me know how you go darling.
    Mum is over the moon and can't wait for Sherry's next training session she is so happy and assured me she will really humiliate her during the medical exams plus she is going to ask Mistress if she could hand out some punishment to Sherry, how great is that, I feel quite horny thinking of it.
    Helen xxxxxx

  • Thanks Helen , I will have a look at the sites and see what I can find, oh I love that your mother is involved , sherry must be a lucky bitch having both of you on the same wave length , I have thought of telling one of my friends and to help me in return for nancy doing house chores for them . I will keep you update, if you ever fancy a holiday over here please let me know . Mavis xx

  • Thank you Mavis darling, you sound so very nice I hope you find a Dominatrix for Nancy, Mum thinks that Sherry should be placed in permanent chastity (thinks I am not stern enough) and has suggested that after her next feminisation course she should hold her keys, shave and clean her plus attend to any punishment I am thinking that would be a good thing, Sherry has a pink plastic cock cage with internal lock very nice and comfortable when I lock her.
    Oh Mavis I am ever so horny just thinking of mum being in attendance for Sherry's medical examination's how humiliating will it be plus giving her some punishment that will quieten Sherry down for sure.
    Helen xxxxx

  • Sounds like you are very excited by the future events with your mother and sherry , a little thing the other night your mum is right sherry should be in permanent chastity, nancy is and not allowed to cum at all , someone says milking her every so often would be her only relief .
    Yes I know about being horny, I have never had so many wet pairs of panties , mind you nancy is not complaining as she has to clean each pair with her mouth before putting them in the wash .
    I had a little thing with nancy the other night , I put a black strap on in place and had her kneel before be and I had her state what she was but to kiss the cockhead after every word like , I, kiss am, kiss a, kiss and so on , kept it going for a good half hour or so before have her suck on it and worshipping it , thrn Helen I gave her a good fucking , her fast , you can bet her man fanny is still sore .
    I keep looking for a trainer , its a pity I dont reside over there , seems much better for trainers . take care .
    Mavis x

  • Pegging your sissy sounds so very sexy Mavis, I am thinking mum is correct and while I love Sherry being feminised I am certain I am nowhere near stern enough so will certainly start to change that, when Sherry goes for her next feminisation course I also go for a few days and Mistress coaches me how I should treat her, well that is when things are going to change dramatically.
    I am really going to love mum humiliating Sherry so am going to get her involved with the dom training as well she will keep me on track.
    Helen xxxxx

  • I would really love another woman to be part of her enslavement , I can dream I suppose x

  • Hi Mavis darling, mum and I are ever so excited about her assisting with Sherry's medicals and punishment ( only two weeks to go before I drop her off ) today we ordered mum's latex nurses outfit and latex gloves both a very nice light green expensive but mum assured me they will get plenty of use, this evening I am going to shave, clean and lock Sherry and she can stay that way till her feminisation course when I will give the keys to Mistress, after the course because then Sherry will know that mum will also be her dominant, OH what a shock she is in for still makes me so horny I will let mum take control of the keys and punishment and certainly be a lot more attentive to dominating my feminised gurl, things are going to change around here after another month. Love you Mavis darling xxxxx

  • Wow ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Mavis darling, this morning Sherry's Mistress phoned to arrange a time for her advanced feminization programme, it will start in three weeks, I asked her about Dom's and training near Nottingham UK and she said there would be plenty around the midlands easy to find off the net and most would have their very own web site so contact should not be a problem, if you don't have a computer available let me know and I will search for you.
    Sherry is going to get one hell of a shock at her course medical examination's because I asked Mistress if my mother (a qualified nurse) could assist she enthusiastically agreed if we would purchase a latex nurses outfit and latex gloves and certainly we will, Sherry is not yet aware that mum knows about her feminization, how good is that darling.
    All the best you really should not have a big problem obtaining training for Nancy xxxxx Helen
    The programme listed below for Robin is about the same as Sherry had on her introductory course.

  • Oh I envy you Helen , I have looked and cannot find anything near full sissified training , as that's what dearly want , Nancy is very compliant at present but does not know what is in store for her , so if you find any sites for me I would be very grateful .

  • Hello, I also am certain you need to have Nancy properly trained, first an introductory course then about two months later an advanced course, I thought we were going pretty well until I talked to a girlfriend who had her husband trained and it convinced me that was what we needed so I contacted her Dominatrix and arranged a meeting we both discussed what was to be done and I booked him in, the introductory course was great a full eight days that included the following:-
    At least three lengthy medical examinations by two nurses very humiliating.
    Extensive slave position training.
    Extensive slave command training.
    Make up and personal care including shaving.
    Wearing maids outfits, female clothes and proper posture along with heels etc.
    Slave rules, obedience, patience and immediate command attention.
    All household chores.
    Giving sexual gratification to your Mistress without question.
    This really put the iceing on the cake Robin returned exactly as I required I could not have been happier with her.
    The advanced course was even better and included a few days where Mistress instructed me how I should totally control Robin in every way including punishment and commands.
    Expensive but so happy.

  • Yes I am seeking training for her, she is not allowed to touch me sexually , I dont want her doing anything male , she is a bitch slut and oh boy am I going to have fun , she is in permanent chastity and her life now is to please males , not females xx

  • That's exactly what I want , but no such places here to have her totally trained , what a pity

  • I think you both would prefer him to be wearing sexy panties, bras, lace nighties, suspenders, stockings, heels, to add some humiliation you should take him shopping for his lingerie and ensure the sales assistant's know they are for him, then shop for blouses, skirts, dresses etc. I know how important it is for gurls to have their own as my husband does.
    Ensure he is shaved all over and get a nice wig and make up kit for him, make certain every minute he is home he is dressed and made up, only sits for toilet and does most of the housework , it can get tedious training them the way you want but eventually very rewarding if they honestly want it.
    You can pick up most information you need by searching your computer. We have been doing it for two years and are getting better.

  • Sounds like things are going fine but darling I strongly suggest you have Nancy attend sissy training with a professional you really will love and be astounded at the immediate difference it makes.
    Sherry is excellent after a stint with a Mistress she does everything I could ever require is so obedient, tolerant and quiet, she currently is only Sherry when dressed and made up although she does wear panties 24/7 with nighties and bra of an evening, she dresses as soon as she gets home from work and is femme all weekends, we go to the park or Plaza with her dressed she really looks the part, I am hoping to get some voice training for her, she loves having her chastity cage locked on and satisfying me by tongue, finger or toys.
    Please keep us updated darling, all the best Helen xxxx

  • Helen could you email me please , interested in the Mistress that trained sherry x Mavis

  • Mavis darling you need to go on the net and find a dominatrix or slave training academy in your area, Sherry's Mistress only follow's up with previous client's now, she does them one at a time and is quite busy, I am looking at having Sherry do an advanced course but cannot get a date as yet.
    Believe me darling an introductory course would be excellent for Nancy you would never regret it.
    Please let me know how you go xxxx Helen

  • We live in Nottingham , I would not have a clue where to start looking for a trainer but love the idea, I would like her fully trained in the end x

  • Sorry Mavis darling we are on the other side of the world, go on the net for Dominatrix or Male slave trainer in your area, all the best Helen xxxxx

  • Incidentally Mavis darling, could you please advise a general area where you live I will see if Sherry's Mistress could give you a referral to a good training Dom nearby for Nancy xxxx Helen
    Who knows we might be close to each other and could meet for a coffee.

  • Well things have progressed , I now call her Nancy and she has really opened up to me and I was shocked at some of things she told me .but things have now gone to where Nancy retires at the end of the month and will become my full time sissy slave and you know I am actually really looking forward to it , I hope to make contact with people in my area in a similar position or who would like there housework doing , I have a new lease of life and I truly love it . anyone fancy a party ?

  • What a lovely sissy name, I think your a fun girl and certainly would like to party with you, my husband is sub and I have him cross dress, wear lingerie while he does virtually all the housework , I have had a few Lesbian relationships that he has supported but currently none, would you be interested Sweetie, I am blonde, very pretty 30 with a good figure, 5 ft 4 love the gym and swimming, working as an office manager for a large real estate company that my little darling own's, what do you say ? I might be able to give you some good tips training Nancy xxxxx

  • Never been with another woman but the idea is appealing as Nancy will never touch me again , dirty panties are the nearest she will ever get to me xxx

  • Mavis darling a large part of Nancy's task is to satisfy you sexually she must learn to satisfy you by tongue, finger and toys.

  • Yes I suppose you are right , but there is no way she is ever having intercourse with me again , I want a real man , not a sissy bitch inside of me but as I said I am open to trying other sexual experiences , but nancy is just that nancy full stop .Mavis xx

  • My husband brought up the subject of chastity he had checked the net for male chastity devices and wanted to give it a go I was a bit upset about this but decided why not, we ordered a plastic cock cage with internal locking device and it was wonderful initially he thought he would be released when he wanted well that changed as soon as he was locked in and I had the keys I now cuff him on Saturday afternoon release and shave plus clean everything and every three times pull him off, he is pretty obedient and attentive now, hope you go well dear xxx

  • My husband actually suggested he get some submissive training it took a while but a friend from work knew a prostitute that had her garage turned into a sound proof dungeon, so we met and she agreed to take him on at a very reasonable price, I was to drop him off naked Friday after work and pick him up at 6 Sunday afternoon, that gave me all weekend to shop, clean the house, clean the cars, wash, dry and iron everything, she did a wonderful job he did not speak of his training much but often had some severe bruises particularly on his butt and penis, he immediately became quiet, obedient and very respectful so at her suggestion I started him wearing lingerie, panties all the time, on my last visit she advised he would not be required for further training for six months, before we left he was made to bend over while she grabbed and squeezed his testicles saying be a very good boy or next time I might remove these, see you in six months.
    It really straightened him out I can tell you, so terrific being totally in control.

  • What a lovely story , I am really getting into this domination scene

  • Sounds like your doing fine so far, as below I also feel professional training will help you heaps, please keep us updated.
    My husband has a girl name "Sherry" it is tattoo'd just above his prick when he is dressed and made up he also wears a chastity device when and for how long I like, very obedient and tolerant .

  • Why do you refer to him as he or his , in my mind Nancy is she or her and that's how it will stay , no male names at all

  • Sherry and Nancy , sounds like a duo lol

  • Darling you need to go on the net and check up on Slave training or Dominatrix academies in your area, I caught my husband wearing my lingerie and his attending a professional course was my reaction, it was expensive but I booked him in for an introductory course seven full days, it certainly worked he is just so great that I am looking at an advanced course within the next few months, he is so quiet and attentive and jumps to my every command, while he is in the next course I will be attending to learn being a Dominatrix.
    Way to go Sweetie let us know how you go xxx

  • Do want her trained and broken as a man

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