Meeting her past lover

When I met my wife Karla it was at work.
I was invited by her friend to a Happy Hour as my girlfriend was too shy to actually meet me. I wound up showing up late and by that time Karla had already been dancing and drinking.
When we finally met I was stunned to see her up close. She was totally attractive so we talked the night away.It was about closing time when I noticed a tall well fit black guy whsipering something in her ear. I thought nothing of it only that I was glad to be in Karla’s present.
We eventually had sex and got comfortable asking each other questions. It was then that I found out Karla was having sex with the tall black guy I had seen at the club who happens to work with her. I asked her the typical question if it was true what they say about black guys. Her being a little tipsy she let out a slight mmmmmm... yes!!!!
She told me how good he was in bed and how they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. It sorta made me feel helpless and at the same time excited the hell out of me. I asked her if she had been serious with anyone before me and she said it had been months but only dates with guys.She had a tough breakup and until she met me. I asked her if she wanted to get serious and she was more than excited. Forward about 2 mos when she had left my house on a Sunday night I noticed she left her credit card in my truck so I headed to her place to drop it off. Right when I got to her place I noticed her door and was about to get out when I noticeded the tall black guy(Aaron ) was knocking on her door and she immediately let him thinking to myself maybe he’s just going to make a small visit. I waited and waited until after about an hour it was already around 11:00 pm I had made up my mind I knew what they were doing. The thought of her needing a deep long fucking from him pissed me off and at the same time excited me. I wound up leaving and the next day I call early to remind her of her credit card . I asked her how her night went and she stated it went good she got some much needed sleep.
I decided I was going to wait till she came over to tell her it was over. I knew she was still into Aaron so when she came over I waited for a good time. Something came ove her and she started wanting to play around. I was trying to resist when she gets on her knees and starts to suck on me. My mind kept racing to her sucking on Aaron’s cock. I don’t know why but I was so horny I blurted it out... suck it like you sucked Aaron’s cock last night. She immediately stops and says nothing.
I tell her to continue I know all about it. She almost starts to cry when I tell her I wanted to know everything about it.
She didn’t know what to say... so I continue to suck it likes it’s his cock. I tell her it turns me on knowing she’s addicted to his big cock. She tells me how they fuck the entire night and how he makes her cum and no other white guy she’s dated could come close. I tell her she can have him as her lover as I go down on her.
I tell her I want to see how good he fucks her and she just keeps saying you want to see his big black cock and I say yesss,
She sees him a few times after and then we got married. I doubt I would have ever known had she not left her credit card.


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  • Love it, want my wife to have a fwb

  • Yeah do you let her still see him???

  • Yes but he’s not into me watching so she’s set up her phone. I tell her no faking just want to hear it all exactly like it truely happens.
    I am totally no match for his stamina and horse cock. It’s unbelievable how long he can last and how many times she can climax

  • I’m sure he still wants in her panties. Anything’s possible as this guy is very fit and good looking. It could easily happen between them two. Both are attractive and she noted she loved how he pounded her hard and deep. I’m sure he’s tried to convince her

  • Yes Karla is very attractive and well built and I’ve wondered if his huge cock has been preparing her body for a baby. Her body was built for a big cock. It turns me on when we visit her parents knowing they highly oppose interracial relationships

  • Very nice sweetie, does she still see him or can you satisfy her now ?

  • I am no match for her. I could have easily lost her to any guy and she would have most certainly continued fucking Aaron. It’s understandable he’s very handsome tall extremely well built and hung like a horse.
    I’m maybe 6 compared to him no match

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