I like sucking

I’m a married man for 25 years. My whole life I’ve thought about sucking another man but to afraid to act on it. Recently the urge has become to great. My wife was out of town for two weeks so I joined an adult site in seAch of a married man that wants oral sex. With in an hour I had five guys interested I setup a time with one guy but he never showed the next day I setup times with three guys to my surprise all showed up. My ad was for me to be humiliated and only suck them. I met the first guy at my door naked as he requested. He asked for a beer sat on my couch and said get to it bitch I got on my knees crawled over took down is pants and proceeded to suck him. When he got close he pulled my head off him told me to stay there and cum on my face pulled up his pants said not bad bitch and left. The second guy was at the door when the first left say I warmed him up for you. Number two walked in chuckling looked st me with cum running down my face and said come on cocksucker lets get to it. Dropped his pants in the doorway I got on my knees took his cock in my mouth he grabbed the back of my head and forced fucked my face for about 5 mins until he pulled out adding to the mess on my face. I layer in the foyer feel dirty humiliated kinky as hell and loving it. I layed there awhile when the doorbell rang number three I answered the door dried cum on my face as he entered. Looks like you’ve been enjoying yourself he said as he entered. Yes is all I could say. Tell me what you want slut he asked me. I just looked at him in wonder. Come on slut tell me what you want. I want you to use me as you want I said he laughed. Turn around he commanded I did as told he slapped my as quite hard three times you like that slut yes I replied. He smack my ass again and said when talking to him I need to address him as sir. Another smack and another well he said did you like that yes sir I replied this time. Good then crawl over to the couch I did as told undo my pants I followed his commands. Now suck my ball slut I took his balls in my mouth as he pulled and tugged on my hair. Mmm now on you back on the floor I did as told he squatted over me and said now lick my ass and sat on my face. As I was licking his ass he was slapping my cock and twisting my nipples. After a few minutes he commanded me to get on the couch with my head over the edge. I did as commanded as he proceeded to fuck my mouth so deep his ball sack was bouncing off my forehead. My cock was so hard he laughed at me telling me what a cock whore I was all the while pinching my nipples and slapping my cock. I couldn’t breathe and had tears running down my face as he face fucked me he had no concern for me only himself this was exactly what I wanted needed desired. He cum deep in my throat and kept fucking me till he went soft. That was great slut now jerk off for me. I did as commanded when I cum he had me take it in my hand and rub it all over my face. He proceeded to leave turned to me and looked well he said. I looked at him he said thank me bitch I looked down thank you sir for what bitch thank you for using me and letting me suck your cock. He had me a piece of paper it had an address be here at 7 tomorrow as he walked out the door. YES SIR I yelled to him as he walked out.

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  • I've been sucking dick off and on since I was 10. Got married when I was 22 and told my wife about me being with guys in the past. She asked if I still wanted to do it. I told her I wouldn't cheat on her if that's what she was asking. She told me she wanted me to bring a guy home and she wanted to see me suck his dick and then wanted me to get fucked by him. I asked why. She said, "Because it would be so hot to see a hard cock in your ass." So I did it. She layed on one side of the bed and played with her dildo while I 69d a friend and then he fucked me in the ass doggy style. We had all kinds of fun. Mmf threesomes. Her fucking girls. Her fucking guys. I'm remarried now and my current wife is a prude. My next door neighbor is gay so on my days off I go over there after she has left and he fucks me

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