Young neighbor

For 6 months now every other Friday night while I go out to play poker my young neighbor Ben comes over to have sex with my wife.Becky is 46 5’5 a petite brunette with perky tits, perfect bubble ass and size 3 frame.Over the years we had talked about having a threesome to try something different. I noticed how Becky loved when young waiters would flirt with her.One day at restaurant we frequent that has a bar I have Becky the ok to flirt back with our waiter named Ben.I noticed how she acted differently when he waited on us. We would go home and fuck thinking of them having sex. One day she chatted up with him and basically gave him her number.He returned her phone call and Becky told him the nights I was gone.
We both wanted it to happen and she was totally up to it.her to make it happen. First night he was to come over I couldn’t keep myself focused on the poker game with the guys. She finally texted me when he arrived and when they were finished.I was so excited on my drive home excited to hear Becky tell me about her first strange young cock,
She described how it all happened, how they had sex and how much bigger he was than we thought he was .I immediately started making love to her while she described how they fucked each other. She told me she wanted his cock in her again. She was all into him.
I told her she could have his cock anytime she wanted.
After a few times of them meeting she finally took a few snaps of his cock.
I was really shocked to see how big he was.This excited me even more knowing she was getting a much younger bigger cock than mine.
I love knowing her hot gorgeous body is getting pleased by Bens big cock

4.1 years ago

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    • My husband of three years set me up with our neighbors son who's 18 and a Big Black from Kenya and he's been eyeing me real strange.
      Well last week end I found out my husband has been talking with him and he told him to fuck me good and hard even told him he was going to be gone all weekend so that was a perfect opportunity for him to do it to me. Saturday morning it was hot so I put on my string bikini and took in some rays in our back yard well he came over and I asked him to put on some lotion on my back and legs and he didn't ask but he untied my top and put it aside and he even untied my bottoms I kinda was worried but he started in rubbing the lotion on my back and his hands felt oh so good and then he went to my legs kinda rubbing them in a sexual manner especially when he got near my crotch which his hands lingered.
      I fell asleep and awoke a few minutes later with him rubbing his hard cock against my bare ass gaining entry to my pussy and began fucking me slow and deep, much deeper than my husband has ever gone I didn't fight him for he felt so damn good but I told him it was wrong and he shouldn't be doing that to me but his reply was Take it all baby for you'll fall in love with it soon as he kissed the back of my neck shoving more of his hard member into me.. God he started in hitting my cervix and he drove me to many orgasms before he came in me, then he turned me over and god I saw his still hard cock and what a monster a good 9 inches and very thick and he proceeded to fuck me again I don't know how long we fucked Saturday but the sun started to go down and it became rather cool and I said to him I had to get inside before I got to cold and he followed and sloe with me Saturday night and I awoke Sunday morning with his cock in me again.

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