Suburban Gloryhole

When I was 16, I saw an internet porn video with an older guy who had the hugest, NICEST looking dick I'd ever seen. There was just something about it! God, it got me so hot, anytime I wanted to orgasm, I'd just watch the same video over and over.

I would fantasize sucking and getting fucked by that awesome cock!

I lived with my parents in the hills of Southern California. They had a nice, very secluded house on a large piece of property in a small group of houses.

I would get bored a lot in the Summer so I would just hang out on the back deck and watch all the birds and deer etc. There was a neighbor directly behind us. He was an older guy who lived alone. My Mom told me his wife had died a few years earlier. He also had a big house like we did but with really large windows and I would see him walking through the house every now and then.

I also used to see him out in his yard once in a while and I would wave and he would wave back.

One day, I happened to catch the neighbor vacuuming. As I said, the windows in his house were really big and he had skylights so the main living was bright and it was easy to see anyone in the house.

Here's the weird part. He was vacuuming IN THE NUDE! He was far enough away that I couldn't make out much but I did notice he was in pretty good shape. I couldn't help watching him because it's the kind of thing you see every day. The vacuum was mostly blocking his crotch and I found myself hoping to get a glimpse just for grins.

Then he stepped away from the vacuum and I see this pink, long and fat, fleshy tube swinging back and forth! OMG! It looked like one of those animal-shape making balloons, but like filled with water hanging between his legs!

The first thing I thought was I wished I had a pair of binoculars! I watched the guy for a little while and he eventually finished up and left the room.

I made note of the time and wondered if he did that regularly. THe next thing I did was I went up into the attic and dug around and found my Dad's binoculars. I took them to my room and hid them under my bed.

Around the same time the next week, there he was again, vacuuming in the nude! I got the binoculars and zoomed in on him. Like before, most of the time, the vacuum covered his crotch but every now and then he would step away and there was this MONSTER dick swinging back and forth, slapping his thighs! I immediately felt myself getting wet and I thought of the video.

I decided I was going to get to know my neighbor! Over the course of a few months I introduced myself and we would talk over the fence. He complimented me on how nice looking I was and I returned the compliment (he really did look good for an older guy. He was in very good shape)

Eventually we talked often enough that we exchanged phone numbers. He told me he really enjoyed having someone to talk to.

To make a long story short, I started sending late-night texts after I'd smoked some weed and snuck a beer from my Dad's frig in the garage and I started flirting and borderline sexting.

One very late night I mentioned that I discovered that the fence between us at one end had a big knothole in it and the knot fell out, leaving a giant hole. I was pretty buzzed and horny. I said it was like a suburban gloryhole...

Needless to say, THAT got his attention! We played a game of 'flirt' poker with each flirt getting more daring. Eventually I told him I'd be down by the knothole at 2:00am and that I needed something to satisfy my oral fixation.

I wandered down to the knothole at 2:00 am and waited. I used my phone as a flashlight. Eventually, this HUGE, magnificent dick came through the hole. My heart was pounding! It was like having my video fantasy dick come to life! I immediately opened my mouth and sucked him in. OMG, it was heaven! He moaned "Oh my God!". He was big when he was soft and now he was HUGE! I couldn't even get half of him in my mouth!

I sucked him for about ten minutes when he told me he was going to come. I kept sucking and he came a TON!

Over the rest of the Summer, we ended up doing doing almost everything through the knothole! He sucked my tits and I let him take my virginity. I didn't want to take chances with pregnancy so I always used oral sex with my boyfriends. But his dick was so perfect, I had to feel him inside me.

I found a lamp table in the attic that was about the right height and I put it next to the fence and I laid on my back with my legs going straight up along the fence. He fucked me really slowly and I came after only a couple of minutes! I told I wanted to always finish in my mouth, which he LOVED!

He was a TOTALLY cool dude! After I moved out, I came back a few years later during Summer break. I saw him and waved. We've been hooking up every Summer I come home...


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  • I get super aroused by clean, clean well vacuumed floors!

  • When I was 15, my Mom told me about how BIG my Stepdad's dick was. SHe said it was 9-1/2 inches and as fat as a can of hair spray! She was very open about that kind of stuff and a little crazy. She and my Step got drunk one night and he passed out on the bed naked.

    My Mom called me in and told me to check it out for myself while he was conked out. His dick was HUGE, even soft. He was a mixed-race guy. He told me he was half-black, half-Italian but he looked mostly white, sort of like Steph Curry. He was ALL-black in the dick department! OMG...

    My Mom brought me in and she told me it was OK to play with it, even suck it if I wanted. I couldn't help but get totally turned on! I played with it. It was warm and pink and HEAVY! It didn't get hard because he was passed out but but even then it was way bigger than my boyfriend!

    Then my Mom bent down and started sucking it right in front of me. Oh GOD! Eventually, she pulled it out of her mouth and point it at me and said "Want some?"

    He had gotten a little bigger but I had to see what it felt like to suck a big dick. It felt incredible! Especially when I felt him start to get bigger (and FATTER!) in my mouth. I sucked and stroked him for about 15 minutes and he eventually came in my mouth. He almost woke up. He mumbled something just as he started coming. It was SO HOT!!!!

  • Great story.

  • Idiot story

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