Pantie wearer

I confess that I am a pantie wearer married but wife doesn't know , how do I tell her?

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  • How about just not telling her. A fetish can be more fun when its a secret.

  • I cannot live with deceiving her to be honest

  • Take her shopping buy panties for her and yourself tell you want to try them .The a day or two later tell her woman s panties are comfortable and there you go into panty haven 24/7

  • She wears panties 24/7 and full dress when at home

  • Darling how are you progressing ?

  • Dont think that would work to be honest

  • Just leave a pair of panties in laundry Then talk about it her.Then buy her some new panties or pick some out together tell they are more comfortable than men's underwear on my opinion they are and more sexy

  • Only two ways pal open up and tell her or let her catch you, the previous reply has a lot of merit, I just told my wife I think I would like to try it and she really helped by taking me shopping to her lingerie store since then everything has been great.

  • Thank you for your comment , I overheard my wife talking to her friend and she said if she ever caught her partner in female wear , he would take the female role and clean the house ect ,,,, scarey

  • That is not a bad exchange Pal, at least you would be free to wear your lingerie, I do most of the housework in panties and bra with a plastic French Maids outfit and wig, heels and makeup, so very sexy I love it.

  • That's way of dressing sounds great to me and I truly envy you , I know my wife would never allow that , if she knew of my desires I think she would leave or change roles and I have a thing about that happening and it does scare me , I must admit that my wife is assertive and a little push I think she would end up very domineering and I don't know if I could handle it , yet part of me wants to push bounderies it frightens me ,

  • Don't worry Buddy you will just love her being in control, she will get used to your fetish and love you for it believe me.

  • I truly hope so , just got to buck up the courage now to let her , it is frightening but also exciting , I just don't know the outcome ,

  • Darling I take it you purchase your own panties, my husband wore panties a lot and bras at home without me knowing for about seven months then one day he just put them in our normal wash basket, I knew his so when they were dry I folded them neatly and put them in his underwear (now lingerie) drawer, neither said anything till this continued for three weeks and I brought some sexy new sets and added them while removing an equal amount of male undies, our sex life really took a giant upturn and he no longer tries to hide his fetish in fact he is starting to expand and tells me one day he wants me to go with him to the park while he is full FEMME, I have recently started making him up and adding a fig while he is learning to walk in heels, try that, all the best xxxxx

  • She says that she would totally reverse roles if she ever caught me in fem wear scarey

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