Danielle chapter 1

How and where to start I consider myself to be quite a normal guy in most ways married a long ish time 2 kids all was good then when my daughter Danielle reached around 12 and started to develop very quickly that's when I started to take notice.
First it was her school blouses started to strain under the pressure her ample tits were placing on the cotton, her skirt began to get shorter and shorter and her tits just kept growing.
I was looking and yes I started to fantasise about fucking her , I would masterbate a lot but also when I fucked her Mom I would be imagining her underneath me as I pounded away.
I would take almost every opportunity to admire her tits and firm ass I would see other guys looking her over and I would get a thrill from seeing old guys staring at her tits as she walked past.
The clincher for me and the deciding factor that made up my mind that if I ever got the opportunity then I would fuck her regardless of consequences was when she left high school they had a party she went as Bo peep got a costume off the internet, well it barley fitted her tits in it and the skirt was up her behind.
Her mom was not impressed and I was sat just looking nodding agreement to the wife while undressing my 16 year old daughter which didn't take a lot .
Her tits were pushed up in a wench type dress top ruffled her skirt cut away at the side revealing thigh and white panties little black shoes buckled round her ankles I was so horny got in every position to look down her top and up her skirt.
I drove her to school the seat belt pulled her top down more so I had a view of white strapless bra and ton of cleavage her skirt nearly round her waist sitting in the front seat too engrossed in her phone to notice her dad thoroughly checking out his own sexy daughter.

there is more if the story interests you send a reply


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  • Chapter 2 - The drop off

    ALL the way on the drive to drop her off I was looking at her thighs inches from the top of her shirt to her white panties teasing her dad to look up her dress catch a glimpse of her camel toe in her little tight white panties, driving became almost a secondary issue the main issue was seeing how much of my daughters body I could see on the way to her night out.
    We got to the school her friends were waiting they too looked hot at 16 on dressed as Elvira and one as a woman cop though not as busty as my daughter both were well worth a look over.
    My daughter undid the seatbelt and as she moved showed me her panties and her well formed ass she clambered out of the car and I suddenly had a thought to call her back, she bent over facing me and I was gifted the best of views her firm 34dd tits nearly popping out of her dress , I told her to call me when she needed collecting she smiled and I smiled too looking her huge tits over and imagining me undressing her and letting them loose.

    The drive home I was so horny god I needed to fuck so got home her mom is not short in the tit dept 34d so I took advantage of the moment to fuck her whilst all the time imagining it was my sexy daughter .
    Needless to say I came so hard and heavy wife thought it was her birthday not realizing the cum was for our daughter.
    I didn't get a call until very late wife had gone to bed it was about 2am in the morning and she sounded very drunk which I was very happy about thinking I may get a good look at her when she was wasted.

    More to follow if you reply

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