My father

I found out that my father has posted here before. He was troubled and someone here tried to help. Please let me set the complete story straight. Yes I'm a minor in the eyes of the law , yes I prayed on a lonely man who just happened to be my father , yes I'm in love with him and yes we have a special relationship. I would never turn him in and I know how to keep secrets. I'm not sure if people are still contact with my father but if you are please stop. Thank you. Yanna



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  • I know what you did last Summer!

  • I still hate you megone.

  • I don’t care if you do. It’s your problem.

  • Your father wants his integrity. You prefer to assume the worst of him.

    Your mother was a fool to leave this man. But she has nothing on you.

  • I knew that you were here . Why did you choose to be on his side ? Why would you not help me ?

  • You know why I did what I did...

  • I'm making him happy , isn't that a good thing ? I've done extensive research and I am prepared to do anything. I am perfectly capable of taking care of him and I am perfectly able to get him to relieve some pressure. I believe that he is happier and more content then he has ever been in his life. I don't understand why you can not see that.

  • Too late, the police know.

  • LIAR.

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