Stranger in the house

I cannot tell you why but the most erotic and sexually satisfying encounter in my life has been with someone I have no idea about or know.
I had just returned from the grocery store and had finished up putting everything away, I went to the bathroom right off the kitchen and when I came out and turned towards the kitchen he was standing there with a knife pointed at me. He told me if I did what he wanted I would not get hurt.
He told me to turn around and he then bound my hands behind my back, he took me to our bedroom where I saw that he had been in the house a while. Our bed had ropes at every corner and a duffel bag on the floor at the foot of it. I was tied down to the bed, legs spread wide and arms above my head then blindfolded. He then cut off all my clothes and began running his hands all over me, gently and caressing, taking his time. I was surprised at his gently touch and he seemed in no hurry at all.
He then began licking, kissing and sucking on my breasts, he worked his way around my whole body and spent considerable time on my feet. He worked his way back up to my vagina and did not leave it for a really long time giving me several orgasms, long drawn out huge ones teasing me with his lips and tongue.
He then repositioned my legs so they were bent and once again tied them down, he licked me some more but I then felt his penis rubbing on me then slowly sliding in and out while he built himself up to his own orgasm. He never stopped pleasuring me though always stopping and going back down to lick me more.
He pleasured me for several hours then after untying one of my hands left quickly. I have never been so sexually satisfied in my life since that morning and have never told anyone about it, not even my husband because I think it would hurt him more than anything.

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  • This is a great story.

  • I once got my black fuck buddy and his friend to pretend to be burglars and tie me up and fuck me.Over a table one in my pussy the other in my mouth. It was the hottest fuck ever.

  • I was thinking that it might be someone who knows my husband but I do not know him. He knew he had time and that he would not be disturbed for several hours. I doubt very much my husband would have set something like this up.

  • Did he cum in you then?

  • No he did not. I think he used something he brought with him, like a towel or something like that then took it with him when he left.

  • Nice fantasy.

  • Lmao right ?! Dumb bitch. If there was a stranger in your house he wouldn’t be sweet and slow. Trust me. He’d fuck hard and rough and fast and hit and not in the fun way.

  • Yes and believe me when he was standing in the kitchen I initially thought the same thing and I was filled with dread when he finished securing me to the bed. I laid there waiting for the worst but it never came, just an endless supply of pleasure from his mouth.

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