Lovely Young Woman I work with

I have this beautiful early 20’s woman that works a few feet from me. She is very friendly and enthusiastic which makes her that much more sexy. Today she wore a tight white turtleneck shirt that really accents her body. Tight little waist and big boobs. Looking at her is like looking at the sun. I can’t wait to get home so I can jack off thinking about touching her.

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  • Mmmmm. Please describe her more in detail for us all

  • I am in my fifties and the new hire was a late twenty something woman, I thought no way this is going to be any fun. She turned out to be pretty quick at picking up on the job and I told her so just like any other young person I have trained. I treated her with respect and gave her just enough responsibility to stress her out. I honestly did not have the hots for her because of our age gap but she is quite an attractive woman.
    She transferred to another department about a year later and I was surprised to get a lunch invitation from her one day a few weeks later. I told her sure and we set a day for it, she messaged me back the next morning telling me lunch was no good because of her work load so how about dinner. I again thought nothing about it and met up with her, we talked about work some what and other topics, next thing I know she asked me if I wanted to go back to her place for an after dinner drink. I told her that would be fine and off we went to her place.
    I woke up the next morning staring at her ceiling hoping I would get to this again.

  • I never wear a bra at work to entertain men like you

  • Hi your a sexy tease xx

  • Oh I’m no tease haha. I don’t stop them if they try to touch.

  • How many have touched?

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