Daughters panties

I love cumming on my daughters panties after she comes back from her moms and they smell and taste lovely after I’ve cum on them I wash them and put them back in her draw but I thinks she knows as she’s leaving more pairs around the house

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  • I would wear them and cream them real good and then just replace them in her panty drawer, or if she leaves them laying around the house, cream them and leave them where she left them. The object is for her to know you are creaming her panties, and hopefully can begin doing things with her. Imagine how great it would be to spend quality time with her licking her pussy, masturbating in front of her while wearing her panties, and maybe getting to fuck her. Good luck.

  • How old is she what kind of pantes does she where

  • You should cum in them and put them back in her drawer. When it dries it is just a little stiff and she won't notice. That way your cum will rub her all day when she wears them. I have done this for years to my wife and girls and as far as I know they have no idea. All this started when I use to do this in my step moms panties. She never knew either.

  • 15 days no updates

  • Cum on her tooth brush and watch her brush her teeth

  • This is very funny to me because i do this to my wife since she rarely gives me head and never lets me cum in her mouth! at least thats what she THINKS!!!!!

    But to your daughter? NASTY and SICK! FREAK

  • Hope one of her pubes gets lodged in your nasal passage and you die from some type of flesh eating bacteria you gross ass fuck-wad

  • Don't wash them, much better that way as she'll wear your cum on her cunt. I've done that to three friends. Super hot.

  • Disgusting prick

  • That is a bit crass and deviant. go see a professional.

  • That's so hot 🔥

  • Hopefully your daughter is over 8 years of age, otherwise you are one sick man.

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