Naked For Daughter

I can't help myself but I continually try and let my daughter see me naked. She's very slender with tiny budding breasts and I feel she needs to see what a man looks like. So I'll leave the bedroom door open while I change and even walk around the house naked at times. She acts surprised, but stares at my dick intently, doesn't really look away. She even does the same around me, going from the shower to her bedroom without covering up. When I see her I get an instant hard-on.

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  • I see my dad with an erection most days it did surprise me at first I was a bit embarrasses for a while, My mum wasn't happy about it, dad said she should see what gave het life, I started to looking forward to looking at my dick seeing it erect knowing it gave me life I want to see sperm coming out of the end and seeing what made me, I stare blatantly at dads dick, I know we both want to do something inappropriate, but we wont in case its wrong move

  • I do the same with my daughter. She's seen me with a full election before and even caught me stroking it once. She'll walk around the house usually in tiny bikini panties when she's getting ready. But from the bathroom to her bedroom after a shower, she's totally nude. She doesn't care one bit if I see her. I think she wants me too.

  • Good to see. Beyond dispute, learning proper sexual relations within the family unit is prevailingly popular & the most endearing going on 20 years now. It appears you have not only opportunity, but a mandate to lovingly instruct and introduce your daughter to womanhood on a physical as well as emotional basis. With appropriate contraception of course, you are in control of a fine time regarding both of your lives. This is many men's dream.

  • Nothing wrong with an erection they are to be enjoyed

  • Sounds like you will be pumping her tight young hole full of man juice pretty soon. Just make sure you don't knock her up, it will be hard to splain to the judge.

  • Nudity at home is ok if everybody is comfortable with it

  • Get lost.. You probably some liberal who wants thought police too.

  • Fuck u are a bad example

  • Haha.. Another poor girlie that can't get laid..

  • If you get an erection you should cover up in front of her, I know men get a unwanted erection it happens to all me when you suddenly become sexually aroused and your dick has a mind of its own, it happens to woman as well but it doesn't shoe on them, I use to get a hard on for my aunt when ever she visited out house, how old is your daughter?

  • She's 15 with the absolute innocent body.

  • Make sure she sees your hard-on too. She'll need to know what that looks like. Better yet, let her watch it grow while you look her over.

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