I miss it

I miss the taste of cock!!! I haven’t had a cock in my mouth in over a year, and before that it had been like 10 years. I am a straight acting male who doesn’t find men sexually or romantically attractive but love the feel of a nice cock in my mouth. Anyone near Montana wanna help out?!

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  • I had zero interest in guys or cocks. Was as straight as can be for 50 years. Then got tricked by a ladyboy. I thought I was with a woman. I very reluctantly touched her dick. Then like an hour later of her playing with me, I reluctantly sucked her. Then I let go of inhibitions and just thought, I guess I'm at least a little bit bi, cause this dick is an amazing thing to touch and suck.

    I'm still not into guys at all, except for their dicks. I wouldn't mind touching anyone's dick. But I won't kiss, hug, or anything like that about them. Just their amazing dicks.

  • I completely agree with you...I love fondling a guy's dick & jacking it off, and I absolutely love sucking a guy's cock, but kissing...omg how gross...major turn off.

  • Now we know what cowboys do out on the range...

  • People actually have sex in montana?

  • Nope

  • Close to twenty years for me. The last was the man of a couple we were bdsm scening with. I had told my wife ALL about my sexual past, including sucking cock and taking it up the ass. She had sucked his dick the night before while I was tied in a sling, with his wife sucking me, and probing my ass with a dildo. Turns out they had asked her if I'd object if he shoved his cock in my mouth. So, she asked me and I agreed. So, the next night, first we tied his wife in the sling, and we took turns whipping her feet, then eating her cunt, then, I fucked her pussy. I shot off on her huge tits. Supposedly, she didn't like it, so, I was tied face down in the sling. She pulled on a strap on, greased my ass, and fucked me while her fully erect hubby, shoved his cock in my mouth. It tasted horrible ! I think it was because of some medicine he was taking. I actually didn't want him to cum, and didn't do a good job of sucking him. He pulled on a condom and shoved it in my ass. It hurt so good !
    I sucked him again a year later, and the awful taste was gone. My wife and I took turns sucking him, and watched as his cum jetted up onto his belly. We both enjoyed that !

  • Go to the coffee shop in Bozeman, the local one. Not Starbucks and tell the cashier you are looking for Dorthy. Go to the bathroom and wait in the stall. The cashier will text guys to come over. Do it Friday evening.

  • 15 years for me, since I was 12. Been going really crazy lately, like I don’t care anymore about ppl knowing I like dick. There’s a girl I’ve known online since I was 15, I talk to every once in awhile, I’ve been waiting to hear back from her so she could be the first one I tell. She’s always been the dirtiest I’ve known and I don’t think she would judge. I love girls too, I just really like dicks.

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