Who's the Boss?

After getting married, my wife comes to realize, the I am not very dominant.

In fact, she comes to realize that I am a bit of a wimp.

She starts seeing another guy behind my back.

She is a stay at home housewife and so she just has her lover come over when I am not there.

One day, I come home early and find them in bed.

The guy spots me in the doorway and yells at me to “close the door” and “can't you see we are busy?”

He makes me feel embarrassed like I was being a voyeur and I leave and close the door.

I sit on the couch and contemplate what to do.

Finally they come out of the room.

He tells me that was very rude of me. That I better not do such a thing again. He almost didn't come as a result.

He kisses my wife good-bye and tells her he'll see her tomorrow.

And as he is about to leave, he tells me I had better be there too and I had better be properly dressed. That he will have the attire sent over.

He leaves.

I am in shock.

My wife comes over to me and says that I had better do what he says. He is quite a powerful man. That I wouldn't want to cross him.

I ask what did he mean by that.

She tells me, come on, honey, you know the kind of man you are. You know you could never satisfy me. You even apologized for that and said to let you know if I could think of a way that I could be satisfied.

Well, I'm letting you know now.

You not standing in his way is what will satisfy me.

I was so glad to see that you were all right with it.

I mean, seeing you pathetically standing in the doorway and doing nothing showed me you were happy for me.

Thank you so much. It is so important to me that you accept it.

I am speechless.

There is a knock at the door. My wife goes to the door. It is a package delivery.

Oh, she tells me. It must be the attire he sent for you.

Don't worry. He has great taste. I am sure you'll look fabulous in it.

I open it up and it is a skimpy French maid's outfit.

Oh, yes. It is definitely you. You will look so sweet in that.

I am so dumbfounded I don't know what to say the rest of the night.

The next day, I am starting to go to work.

Oh, honey, you're not thinking straight. Remember what he told you.

I told her I had to go to work. She said not to worry about that. Wait till he gets here and he will explain that to you. In the mean time, you'd better get on the outfit before he gets here.

You wouldn't want to make him mad.

I just stand there for a moment.

Don't just stand there she tells me. Quick go put it on.

I really can't think straight. I go and get changed and come back out.

Wow, you look great honey she tells me. That is you. And you are just in time. Here he is now.

He comes in and is very pleased. He is glad to see I have come to realize that housework is beneath the dignity of my wife and that I must do all the wifely chores and not to worry about that pathetic job I had. He will be sending a monthly stipend to us.

He then says it will be a good idea not to have my wife have to work so hard at getting him aroused and that I can come with him into the bedroom now and give him a blowjob and that I send my wife into the room when I am through. And oh yes, you wanted to watch yesterday, didn't you. Well, I will allow it but come back in with your wife and sit in the corner. I don't need you suddenly busting in on us like yesterday.

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  • Just don't get this stuff at all???

  • So you have a new job as a cuckold French maid cocksucker? Does that include benefits?

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