I decided to have a delivery day

It has been a while, both for posting on here and sex.
I have been out of town on business for about four straight weeks. I decided that yesterday would be a delivery guy day and ordered five deliveries with full intentions of letting each one of them do what they wanted. I had a lot of fun.
Number three was probably the most memorable, he was not young at all, probably around fifty years old. He got down on his knees in an instant and got more than his fill of licking me as we moved over to the couch. He gave me several orgasms and told me that it has been years since he had licked a woman. When he stood up the front of his slacks had not only a bulge in them with a large wet circle, he had an orgasm just going down on me. He had not been masturbating with his hands best I could tell because they were pretty much always on my nipples. He was so appreciative that he kept thanking me every time we moved to some new position and could not believe how lucky his day was going. He told me that when he came to work that day his boss told him that they had mistakenly shorted his paycheck last week and not only made up the difference but gave him a little extra as an apology. I was his second delivery of the day and he was so glad that he did my place second otherwise he would have had to come back after dropping off to the other place.
I asked him how he was going to explain being gone so long but he was not worried about that at all, he did not even want any other sex he was completely satisfied just licking me for an hour and listening to me have an orgasm over and over.
The last guy was pretty great also, his cock was very nice and large, thick just the way I love it. His testicles hung nicely as well, they were huge as well, I was sucking on them and I had to open pretty wide to suck them into my mouth. My fingers could not wrap around his cock and when he entered me I knew it, my insides were stretching and I loved every inch of it.

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