Cold shoulder

I'm 20 and dating this guy who is 56. He's married, but his wife has Parkinson's and is having a tough time of it physically. We met at our local gym, started talking, showed mutual interest, started going out. He's really smart and sexy so it wasn't long before we started hooking up. He said he isn't leaving his wife, but just wanted some pussy and good company. I've given him both, and in return he helps with my bills and rent. He's not rich, but he does pretty well. We initially tried to keep things secret, but his wife soon learned about where the money had been going, so we let her know about our relationship.

I've tried to be friends with his wife and assure her that we are basically fwb, but she really hates my guts. She even threatened me once when she walked in on us fucking at their house. I'm really trying to be friends with her, and have done chores at their house, offered to take her to medical appointments, etc. I don't get what the hell is wrong with her (besides the Parkinson's lol). My parents are also pissed at me for dating this guy and have stopped talking to me, but fuck them. They don't understand.

I don't really think that I'm doing anything wrong and think it's shitty to get the cold shoulder from his wife and others (my parents). I just want to make it work for everyone, and I'm a peace maker, but everyone seems to want to shit on me except my gorgeous silver fox bf.

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  • You don't understand why his wife hates you? Would you be upset if your husband was fucking some other woman, paying for her rent etc. while you were ill? Your situation is different, your single, he's not.

  • I know of a similar case where a younger guy was a carer to an older guy who was disabled and the younger guy started banging his wife.It went on for quite sometime and when the husband found out things got quite messy.

  • I see nothing wrong with it. His wife can’t have sex. You help him and he helps you.

  • If you don't understand why his wife is pissed then you are a fucking idiot.

  • If this is true, which is questionable where do I start? First you are basically saying you are nothing more than his whore as he pays your rent and you sleep with him. Second you can understand his wife being mad? Really? She's HIS wife and you are disrespecting her by fucking him in her house. In closing you are a total piece of trash, even your parents realize they did a horrible job raising you.

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