My best friends Mom

I met my friend when his family moved into our neighborhood in elementary school and one of the first things I remember was thinking how beautiful and young his mom looked compared to mine. I discovered years later that she was indeed younger than my mom by quite a few years even though we are the same age.
Growing up we had a lot of fun which extended right thru college as we went to the same one and were roommates for three years. He got married last year and we are both twenty six, at his wedding his now divorced mom was putting away the drinks and she somehow became attached to my right arm. She told me that I had to keep her from falling down and I did not bring anyone to the wedding so I became her best man as she called me.
My friend was getting ready to leave because they had booked a flight out for their honey moon early the next morning and did not want to be zombies so the reception began to close down. His mom was plastered, I had no idea where her shoes were and so far I still had her little purse she had given me hours ago. I told her that she needed to say her goodbyes because I promised to get you home safely and into bed, she put her hand on my cheek and told me that would be wonderful then staring at me told me she wanted to really get her brains fucked out by me. I looked around and lucky for me there was no one close by us and they had not turned the music down yet. I told her that sounded great just to shut her up and decided that she really needed to get out of there before she talked to many other people.
I poured into my passenger seat and drove to the hotel she was staying at, we were in the elevator and the door had no sooner closed when she dropped to her knees and told me she wanted to blow me. I picked her back up and told her it was only three floors so no time for that here. I managed to get her to her room, swiped the card and we were inside finally. Once inside the room she turned into a raging sex machine, she remembered telling me she wanted me to fuck her brains out because she told again. Her dress came off like it was a tear away and she was standing in nothing but a pair of nylons, she began peeling those off and told me to come over here so she could suck my cock. I walked over completely conflicted because she is still one of the hottest women I have ever known and yet if I barely knew her I would be all over her. When I got to her she did her kneeling on the floor thing again and was undoing my pants with her hands, I decided the hell with it and went with the flow. She had my cock in her mouth in under a minute and I took off the rest of my clothes and threw them aside. She sucked on me like a twenty year old and I came in no time at all as she swallowed and sucked right thru it, I got her up on the bed and began kissing and licking every part of her. I got down to her pussy and was so turned on because she was shaved or waxed but she had no tan lines at all. She was spreading her legs wide and grabbing my hair telling me all sorts of dirty things while I gave her an orgasm and then started to go back up on top of her to give her that great fuck her brain out pounding. She told me to keep coming up though because she wanted to suck my cock some more, she slid down under me as I moved upward and swallowed my cock. She kept lifting her head up to meet my thrusting and taking it all right into her mouth, I was looking down in complete amazement at her. She lowered her head and told me to fuck her mouth harder and deeper and I was worried about hurting her but she put one of her hands around on my rear end and was pushing me down onto her. I began a slow thrust and I could feel her nose pushing against my pubic bone, she would open her mouth up and swallow all of it and she kept this up for a minute or so then with a gasping saliva filled mouth she told me go down and pound her pussy.
I was amazed at her language and sexual appetite as I felt my cock sinking into her wet pussy, I began slow but she just kept telling me harder and faster, and telling me yes and yes in short bursting shouts. She had her legs spread as wide as she could and she was looking down at my cock plunging in and out of her, she had her hands gripped on my hips pulling me down hard then she just flung them upward and a long moan came out of her while I kept up the thrusting. She was so loose now with her legs just falling back and her arms spread out on the bed, she looked up at me and told me I was great in bed and asked me if I had an orgasm yet. I told her no and she told me to lay down on the bed and she would suck it right out of me and she was not kidding. She sucking on my cock so hard and fast I could not believe it and when I came she kept going until I could not take it any longer.
I woke up the next morning and she was laying on part of my chest, I laid there thinking there was no way this would always be a secret and how in the hell was I going to look my friend in the eye when he found out about it. I was just trying to imagine what she was going to say when she woke up and realized what we had done that night when she stirred a little bit and looked up at me. She smiled really big and told me good morning then her hand went down like it was last night and grabbed my cock, she looked up at me again and asked me if I was ready for morning sex. We spent the next several hours pleasuring each other and I have never had a better sex partner in my life.

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