Would you let your girlfriend give someone a bj while you watch ?

Would you let your girlfriend suck your friend or friends cock while you watched .. We did it once and it was awesome .. no regrets for either of us ,

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  • I'd not onlet her, I've encouraged her to do it many times. Hot!!

  • My wife is too uptight to do this, but yes, I would let her.

  • I lost count of how many cocks I've seen my wife suck, I've seen her suck off black men, swallow their cum and didn't even know their name. It's great, like watching a porn movie and getting to fuck the star.

  • I did my Fresh year.We met this shy nerdy guy who stayed next to us. Found out he never really been with a girl his entire life. My girl actually thought he was cute.
    After inviting over a few times and really getting to know him I went in hard on him asking him questions like if he’s truely ever seen a real set of tits...of course his answer was no, so Lisa gladly gave him a quick glance.
    His facial expression when seeing her bare tits pretty much assured us it was his first pair.
    Later I asked him if he had ever kissed a girl or touched a woman’s tits.
    Lisa was feeling good by then and smiled when she saw his answer.
    After things continued to heat up I asked him why not show Lisa what you have & she just might touch it and rub on it for him.
    He was very hesitant at first and after numerous request Lisa was able to unzip his pants and get a good view.
    Let me say I thought I’d be looking at a small limp cock. But what we saw surprised us both. He was hung & didn’t have any idea he was.We joked to him about being proud of it and finally he believed we were dead serious.My cock didn’t compare to his cock in size at all and now Lisa could not get over his size. While she grabbed it She went on to tell him he could probably make many females happy with that size if he knew how to use it. After Lisa rubbed on him it started to grow. By this time I was really hoping she would just take it in her mouth.
    Finally after it was pretty much hard she opened her mouth and started slowly sucking on him. The look on his face was priceless. She did this for several minutes when she looked at me and asked if she should continue. I told her only if they both wanted to . She was more than willing and a few minutes later she’s trying to swallow his huge load

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