After 3 tours in the middle East Something happened to him and after 4 months at a hospital in Germany he was sent back to the states finished his time at a local base and was discharged (he's my husbands stepbrother 7 years older)
He got a job in a construction company heavy equipment operator ...bought a fixer upper and everything looked great... being a stay home wife i offered to do interior decorating...(only on the rooms that were finished) husband would come by on the weekends and help paint and fix doors and so on...
When he was doing the light fixtures i couldn't get over how his sweaty muscular body seemed to cling to a T-shirt
I could also see a bulge in his shorts i had to get used to his awful language i couldn't and wouldn't even swear...but as the flirting and the teasing continued i couldn't stay away i hated him ..i would text him i needed to see him but he wouldn't respond . but if i texted him that my pussy needed his cock i would get an answer right away and boy did my pussy need his hard thick cock ..i couldn't get enough of it .....sometimes he would make me masturbate in front of him and make me beg for his cock just as i would go off in my orgasm i would call for his cock to fuck my pussy or my mouth please fuck me ....i hated him but i couldn't stay away i would find excuses to text him every chance i could and would send him selfies up to now he has over 3 thousand selfies of me being naughty with every object i could fit in my pussy cans/bottles/ bats/ hair spray cans. you name it i was using them and getting off constantly ....i truly hate him

23 days


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    • Please show me what he sees.
      Thanks. Anybody else want to share?

    • Good girl, good girl!

    • Wow you have me ROCK hard can we be friends

    • Love to see those photos

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