Older sister with coaches..

My hot older sister was a dance team coach for a high school. Her girls performed at all of the football and basketball games, and would even appear for fundraisers. At the sporting events, she met very many male football and basketball coaches from other teams, most of whom hit on her and wanted to take her out for drinks.

I knew she not only went with these guys, usually more than one or two, several times, since they'd go to the main local bar and get a table. She was usually hemmed in by the guys, with no way out. I also knew of a few occasions where she not only left with all of them, but, was seen at a close by, out of town "no-tell motel", with all of them. She'd been opposing coaches fuck doll more than once.

She didn't think I knew any of it, but, on the way back from a road trip, we started talking about those days. She admitted to "being a real slut" sometimes, but always with decent, single guys, never married ones. The more details she told me, such as how one guy who was now a major college assistant coach, "fucked me so hard we broke the bed", and how others would fuck her in the shower or car, the more exciting it became. The thought of my hot older sister, who I'd fucked many times, being....Used, by 3-4 coaches, in the skanky no-tell motel, and her knowing I knew, was incredible!

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