ANR on the plane

My husband and I have had an ANR for a few years. I love breastfeeding him, and I love having huge milk jug boobs. If he doesn’t nurse regularly, they get full and firm, and it can be really painful.

We were on a flight that got delayed, so our schedule was off, and my tits were starting to hurt. It was an overnight flight, so it was dark. Most people were sleeping, and the ones who were awake were focused on their screens. My husband knew I wasn’t wearing a bra, so he leaned me back and pulled my blouse up over my nipples. The letdown when he latched on was orgasmic. He drank and drank and drank, then switched tits.

I was about to cover up my drained, leaking tit, when I looked over and saw a teen boy across the aisle, staring at us. His hands were under a blanket on his lap, and it was obvious he was stroking his dick.

I just leaned my head back and closed my eyes and smiled, stroking my husband’s hair as he gulped on my nipple, letting the boy watch. It turned me on to know he was turned on by watching us.

That was the first time we were so bold in public.

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  • I would love to have someone suckle on my breasts. I’m not lactating, but justthe latching and soft suckling feels incredible. I’ve tried an ad on CL but those people are psycho.

  • Where do u live?

  • I bet that young man would have loved to suckle some too. You should have let him.

  • I am dry, but my husband sucks my nipples several times a day, and it is glorious. The sensation his sucking sends to my pussy makes me so horny. Often we ‘ll sit on the chair together and watch TV while he flicks my nipples until I orgasm. It’s utterly delightful.

  • Keep it up and eventually you’ll lactate.

  • I am now taking supplements to help and have enlisted the help of two women who suck me when he’s not home. We have to do it every two hours to get the milk to flow, so it says. Fuck it’s hot though, having women suck my tits. I’ve cum theee Times from it.

  • That’s the best way. I started with supplements. I had to pump for awhile before we could get our schedules right, which I hated. Actual, oral suckling on a regular basis is what really works. And it is a wonderful feeling isn’t it?! I always cum, no matter who’s nursing!

  • It is. He works from home but travels, so we’ve had to find someone to latch on while he’s gone. I mentioned it to a close friend and she’s now doing it. It really is a turn on. I just haven told my husband that she turns me on too.

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