Forever farting female

During and after sex my p#ssy farts uncontrollably for quite some time so i either have to time the sex just right so i can queef it all the way out or go ahead and go out in public and just let my p#ssy fart away. But they're loud and people do notice.

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  • You definitely have nothing to worry or be embarrassed about. This gassy sound, sometimes referred to as a queef, is merely air escaping from your vagina, and it's quite common. During sex, the in-and-out action of your guy's penis forces air into you, which fills the space in the inner part of your vagina that has expanded during arousal. An especially deep thrust or shift in your body position can cause the air to be released in a noisy emission. Or it might occur after orgasm, when the air is expelled as the vagina returns to its prearoused state.

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  • Yeah, sounds fishy to me. Generally, there is not that much air being pumped up inside of a vagina to produce lingering pussy farts more than a minute or two after intercourse. Are you sure you aren't one of those "transgendered girls" and you are actually just farting out of your ass?

  • Umm you're wrong.

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