Mixed feelings

In college I met a much older (35 yrs or so) man at a hotel bar. Even though I’m straight, I let him convince me to give him a blowjob. Now I think about doing it all of the time because...I loved every second of it.

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  • I'm a Dominant Top for both women and men and have found most men are at best bi. But most are deep down gay.

    Once they swallow for the first time that's all they desire, it makes them obsessed for a dominant man.

    If a young man, swallows several times by 18, they will only be happy sexually being a bitch for a Top. College age men hormones make then easy targets to turn into cock suckers.

    I'm 58, and have turned at least 300 men to only wanting cock. Truthfully they are better at it than my bottom females.

  • It's true what you're saying. I was a cute little sissy boy in elementary school and the seventh and eighth grade boys were constantly getting in my rosey cheeked pouty lips at lunch time and after school. I kinda liked the attention and the sucking. When I turned nine one of boy's visiting sixteen year old cousin's determined that my best attribute wasn't my fresh faced pouty lips but my perfect well shaped firm and fresh boy's ass and I was deflowereed by an extremely wanting teenage boycott. He kept my underpants as a souvenir and continued fucking me once or twice a day for the remainder of the summer. Somewhere between fucks that summer my white cotton boy's underpants transitioned to ruffled lace little girl's panties. I'm fifteen now and still love ruffled panties.

  • I found myself in a very similar situation. It's messing with me now years later. I wish I had told my wife about this part of my past long ago. It feels like it's too late now.

  • How is it "messing with" you years later?

  • I find myself fantasizing about sucking cock again, and keeping the past a secret I feel like I cant tell anyone or talk about it. Knowing I am a cocksucker gives me embarrassment

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  • I am same i want a bf now to try gay sex benders. I got fucked real good by a guy this summer and absolutely cant stop craving gay s3x it was way better sex and i need a man to have his way with me. I love dick sucking too. Wanna hookup?

  • I do, where are you?

  • You have an interesting definition of straight.

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