Step-Brother was my 1st Sexual Experience

I was raised up of divorce parents, I lived with my mom and rarely stayed or visited dad. My dad had moved to Australia and it had been almost a year since he had seen me. It was the summer of 1995 that my mom informed me my dad had finally asked for me to go stay with his new family the month of July. My mom agreed and off I went. She didn't let me take anything other than $20 for the trip. She said my dad's new wife was getting me everything I needed when I arrived. In Australia my dad picks me up and says where are your bags. And of course I tell him what my mom had said. I met his new family that afternoon, she had a son who was 16. He didn't seem to take any interest I was there, so it seemed. Donna, my step mom, showed me my room in the basement. She said we are going shopping in the morning and gives me one of her sons shirts to sleep in and says we will get everything I need. In the morning, her son comes in from his morning swim from the pool outside, he is in a guys bikini swimsuit, I guess he notices I stare at his package from the breakfast table, what does he expect, I am 11 years old from Minnesota and have never seen guys wear bikini swim suits. She tells him we are going shopping at the center if he wants to go, he grabs a piece a toast with one hand and as he walks by me he grabs his cock over the swimsuit and says yes, to let him get dressed. I was hoping he would not go because we would be getting girl clothing and underwear. Donna seemed to be real nice, she lets me get the shirts and shorts that my mom would never let me wear and some sun dresses. Chad wonders off on his own, thankfully. When it was time to get a swimsuit I went to the one piece section and Donna says Ashley, you don't like bikinis? I say my mom won't let me wear those until i am 14. she replies she's my mom while I am there and that I am in Australia, that all the girls wear bikini's. I look thru some racks as does she, I show her one I like, she says no its not small enough that I need a tan. She shows me a bikini that the bottom ties with strings on the side in white and says what about this one? I want to say yes, but I quickly show her a different one I found in red that was smaller than the first one I picked. She says let's just take both, your here for a month, one bikini isn't enough. I smile and say ok and hand her the one I pick and she puts both in the basket. Donna then says were down to your bra and panties and nighties. We go to the intimate section and while I am looking at package underwear hoping she will let me get smaller panties than what my real mom lets me wear. At home they have to be near my belly button. Donna shows me some real racy and risqué matching bra and panty sets. She asks what bra size do I wear, I reply 28A. She calls me over to where she is at and together we pick 5 sets with matching panties and then different panties so I can have more. I then hear a voice, it's Chad, he says there you are, that he's been looking everywhere. Donna says we're almost done, finishing up getting Ashley panties it was nothing. Chad is standing by a panties rack and picks a piece of underwear that also ties on the sides. He tells his mom these are cute. Donna says they sure are, if I want them that they almost match a white bra I have. I say ok real fast just so we can get out of there and not let Chad think I am modest or shy, he will never know If I wear them or not (was I wrong about that this day!). Donna says we're going to get her a few sleep sets so come with us so we don't have to look for him, Chad winks his eye at me and says ok to his mom. I am about to die!! Donna and I agree on about 4 sets and then Chad says what about this one. It's like a fly-open when unbutton with tiny panties that are like see thru in yellow. Donna says that is a nice one Ashley. I say yea and Donna takes it away from Chap and puts it in the basket. Let's pay for these guys and get out of here, finally in my mind!! Two weeks go by and other than Chad always being in bikini swimwear around the house nothing happens. The day I wear a white dress was the day I decide to wear the panties that tie on the sides, they are white with blue ribbon ties and blue ribbon all along the panties waistline. I wear a bra with the dress. The dress is thinner that what I thought, you can see the outlines of my bra and panties thru it. Donna gets a call from my dad that his car is broken and needs her. Donna tells us she is leaving us alone for awhile and Chad is in charge. Chad is in those bikini swimsuits and this one he has on is the smallest I have seen him wear so far. . I know he notices me staring! He says Ashley lets go to my room I want to show you something. We go to his room and tells me to sit on the bed, I do as he asks. He walks up close to me and says do I want to see it? I know he means his cock. He grabs my hands and puts them on the sides of his swimsuit. He says push them off If I want to see it, that he knows I am always staring at it. With his hands over mine, he helps me push them down off of him. It is so big!! hold it, he grabs one of my hands with his and puts it on his cock. You like? I don't say anything. He leans behind me and unzips my dress and moves it off my shoulders and pushes it below my bra, it's bunched at the waist. Nice he says. Have you sucked a cock Ashley? I respond by moving my head up and down. Chad says its ok, to open my mouth that he will do it slowly. He puts his hands on the sides of my head and moves it in towards the cock in my hand..his! Open you mouth ash. I do as he says and I see him push it in. He says nice and moves my head back and forth slowly. I think he tries to reach my wind pipe with it!! After a bit he pulls it out and grabs me by my shoulders and pushes me back on the bed. Get your legs up on the bed and open them, he puts one of his hand on my leg and position it's on the bed, I do the other one, he stands between them and pushes my dress up past my waist, exposing my panties to him. He pushes them open more by putting his hands on each knee and pushing them out. He calls out loud leave them like this, and starts to rub over the center of my panties in a circular motion. My body is responding and I am beginning to sweat. He pushes my panties aside and finds the hole of my pussy easily and starts to motion his fingers in and out in a rapid motion! I feel him pull his fingers out from my cunt and move them to his mouth and says, virgin pussy always taste nice and puts them in his mouth to taste my juices. He steps back and tries to push my legs more open, chad says out loud look at that pussy, I look down and he has untied my panties and push them off my pussy without me noticing. He puts the head of his cock in the opening of my pussy, I feel my insides being stretched open as he gradually pushes into me. His face lands on my neck and his hands on my breast, he starts to squeeze then over my bra pinching my nipples, I feel him give a huge trust with his hips into my cunt, he says I got it all in now Ashley, hold still. I do as he says. He puts his lips over mine, opening them and pushing his toughe in, chad begins to kiss me, then he slowly starts to trust his cock back and forth grabbing my butt cheecks with his hands and pushing them out, he balls are making a slapping noise as he rocks me back and forth. I am drenched in sweat and my pussy is on fire. Chad gives one final trust and we are done. I feel his warmth liquid releasing in me. Chad lays on top of me, pulls his dick out slowly and whispers in my ear. Mom and your dad are gone Friday night, wear the nightie I picked for you, I am bringing guys over to fuck you!! The following morning I wear a sundress and at breakfast Chad reaches under it and rubs over my panties. This pussy is hit Friday night!! Friday took forever, after our parents left I went to my room and put on the yellow nightie Chad had picked out for me and said for me to wear. I hear a knock on the door, I say come in. It's Chad and two of his friends, one is black. Chad comes to me where I am sitting at the dresser and gets me to stand up and gets behind me. As I get up I know the nightie does not cover all of my panties, it is short. Chad whispers in my ear he's going to undo the buttons for them to see me, Chad starts to undo the nightie and pushes it up to undo all of them, he lets it fly open. Get your clothes off guys chad calls out, they start to strip. Chad tells me to peel my panties down for them, my hands are frozen but he grabs each one to the sides of my panties on my hips. Peel them down slowly Ashley so they can see your bald pussy. With his hands over mine, together we push my panties down. Chad grabs my hand and moves me and sits me on the bed and lifts my feet on them and pushes them apart. Sloppy Seconds guys, who's up? The black guy, naked, moves forward towards us. His cock is swinging in a curve, no way will that huge thing go all the way in my pussy. He grabs my legs and pushes them up to his cock, my head and back fall to the bed, dam her pussy is still tight as he pushes his boner deep into my cunt! Chad was true to his words, a friend of his was fucking me! But I would do anything he commanded. I was under his sexual spell and loving every bit of it!! The last guy was up and finished removing my nightie and turning me around and wisking it off me. He tells Chad he's going to make my cunt make noise!! He spits in my pussy as he rocks my hips back and forth you can hear the slushing noise of his cock penetrating my pussy hole. Do you guys hear her pussy talking, he says out loud!! Chad is the best step brother. I dreaded going back to the states in a few days!


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  • Smooth operator Chad!

  • I wish I knew Chad

  • Uhhh. Try breaking this into paragraphs and use better English. It’s one big fucking run on sentence. You will never make money at writing this stuff unless you learn a bit.

  • I recognize the shitty writing, the also mention they’re a 28A in every story

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