Leotard and swimwear

I now enjoy wearing a leotard or a swim suit.i enjoy being punished in them.and showing off in them with nothing under them . having a shower in them while being punished is a turn on.anyone else in llanbradach south Wales enjoy similar.being punished on them while they wet stings like hell.

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  • God why is it I can't find anyone to fuck my ass in the states?

  • No idea pity you not here in llanbradach south Wales we could have fun I do every day

  • Zero.two.nine.two.zero.eight.five.one.eight.five.eight.

  • Leave Gareth alone he loves my twins

  • Hey Gareth you old Pedo how are you going playing with your little children you "poof" you need your nuts kicked in about 15 times with steel capped boots, I would really love to do that, you queer cunt.

  • Ha ha your funny you know where I live get here now you pedi my landline number is on line you idiot .I kick your ugly head in bet you not even in UK you coward you could not kick your way out of a paper bag pmsfl at u bet you a queen

  • Listen you queer cunt what pub do you drink at on Saturday night I will have to drive a while but when I get there I will be ready to kick your arse and beat the shit out of you, before I walk in I will call an ambulance for you, your going to need it you fat ugly prick, better get medical insurance go high.

  • Ha ha you totally bonkers and coward get your ugly face here in llanbradach south Wales you freak show .my house 56 cf83 3 le I think you a big joke . and yes you are a ugly prick and disgrace to the human race . I use De winton hotel in llanbradach south Wales you freak show is your mum still on game you found out who your father is yet lol

  • Goose better wear your nappies because your going to shit when I tap you on the shoulder and drag you outside you queer cunt

  • Hi coward you not been to my house could you not get any one to change your nappy or wipe your shitty arse cause it full of shit you talk have a lousy life you shit head coward pmsfl at you lol

  • I knew you big yellow coward you not come to my house in llanbradach so shut your ugly mouth you brainless moron get some balls.then I kick them in you sad case lol.you big a coward as a yellow daffodil our emblem

  • Wait a while you queer ugly prick, not at the house I am going to tap your shoulder at the pub and flog you out the back you filthy prick your digs are really disgusting quite a hovel with heaps of shit around as everyone would expect from you hopeless dickhead, keep wearing your nappies will not be long, but you will have enough time to get prime medical insurance.

  • You are a total lump of shit knew you not come to my house in llanbradach cause you coward

  • I knew you waste of time and all mouth no action unlike me I all action and enjoy myself here in llanbradach south WALES . my girls all here wow

  • Ha ha ha you one big ugly yellow liar and a coward .I can not wait to see you and give you what I just gave my grand daughter a bare bottom spanking she not get up she been here all weekend
    I took her and her friend swimming yesterday . I enjoy it and so did the girls .

  • Get a life you queer tranny you have not got any interesting in coming to my house in llanbradach you just a useless freak hiding behind a phone at least I don't hide like you my address is here but you just a useless 🐄 Ard .I love you to get here I spank you like a kid you stupid cunt you are lol lol

  • Do you mean people actually let you sit their children your a frigin self confessed child molester, you really need your nuts removed.
    I think it would be a good idea if your nuts were circled by twine and that was tightened then added to a rope attached to a pulley some 10 feet off the ground that permitted you to be lifted face down till they gave way under the weight, wouldn't take long because your a fat prick aren't you ?

  • The big school holidays start soon so I shall be looking after the kids while parents are working . anyone else wants to leave kids you welcome to join my meeting at my house in school st llanbradach opposite the school 56

  • Love to do that to your nuts .you got any kids that need attention here in llanbradach south Wales

  • EH Gareth your at it again proving there is no competition for the position of village idiot

  • Yes you are the biggest idiot on the planet I the best kid carer in llanbradach south Wales.pity you brain dead like your parents

  • Gareth face facts your a very strange person, you go on this site quite a lot discussing your cross dressing activities, I really think you need to be castrated before you do some queer things.

  • Yes I agree you do you sad case looking for attention aren't you

  • Halfwit

  • Yes you are a half wit .I enjoy doing what I doing i am well know in llanbradach and people who leave their kids with me fully understand my ways.some call me local non*e or pe*do lol

  • Gareth your a pretty strange person my man, I think your queer.

  • No I normal you the queer one boyo we all normal in llanbradach south Wales

  • Think again you clown, your really disgusting

  • Yes I agree you are very very disgusting.iam not I just enjoy my self and enjoy other .

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