Pregnant but not with my husband

I’m pregnant and it’s not my husband’s.

I (28F) met this 20 yr old on the subway to work over a month ago and he’s been fucking me almost everyday for a month. He’s twice as long and three times as think as my hubby; with an athletic build. I’ve only ever sucked my hubby off twice (wedding night and honeymoon) but I let this boy fuck me in all types of positions and use me like his cheap whore. First couple days he used a condom then made me start taking the pill so he could dump his semen inside my womb.

We’ve always fucked right after work at a hotel near a station (sometimes even before work), but since last two weeks he’s begging me to take him to my home. I conceded a week ago. I decided on a Friday to take a sick day, but he begged I take Thursday off as well. I told my boss I’m sick on Thursday and we fucked all over my apartment that day. As soon as I opened the door, he picked me up and took me to my marital bed and made me his. Then we fucked all over the apartment – mine and my hubby’s home. Before leaving, he told me not to take the pill. On Friday, he told me to put on my wedding dress… I was sure I got pregnant on Thursday, but being impregnated by him with my wedding dress on is an orgasmic thought in and of itself.

If it’s a boy, I’ll name him after my Lover. And honestly, I don’t have any intention to stop seeing him; might even have another of his babies in the future. I mean, he did tell me “[he] has like a dozen bastards.”

P.S. He’s Muslim. Imagine that, right?

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  • Well played. Skanks like your ex rarely think these things through and the get what they deserve.

  • A you practice beastiality?

  • Here is what these dumb married whores who get pregnant by another man, letting their husband think its his, never think about ,how it will effect the child when he/she finds out the person they thought was their biological father really isn't.

    Six years ago my now ex wife and I had been in an all day argument about where and how we would spend memorial day weekend. Every year we would go to the lake and open up our cabin for the season , This year she wanted to visit her sister which was a six hour drive meaning I would spend all my time driving . I finally told her to go to her sister's and I would take the kids with me as they wanted to go to the lake. I guess she thought I had walked out of the room because she comes off with " the idiot still thinks they are his kids". She turned white when I asked if they aren't mine who's kids are they. She immediately started babbling about knowing i was there and just wanting to piss me off.
    I spent the weekend with the kids at the lake ,the next week I had a paternity test done. It turned out my son was indeed my biological son but my daughter wasn't biologically mine. I filed for divorce when the truth came out it tore my daughter and her mother apart, all because she was a lying cheating whore .

  • So who was her dad? Your own father or brother?

  • My ex would never admit to who she cheated with. I believe it was with a cousin of mine. My father passed away when I was thirteen and I have no brothers. The cousin I think she had the affair with is dead now so even if she admitted to it it wouldn't do her daughter any good now.

  • You destroyed your kids’ lives, especially your daughter’s because your pride was hurt.

  • No she destroyed their lives by cheating , getting pregnant and then living a lie all those years. Good try deflecting who's really responsible though.

  • Yeah but it wasn't the girls fault.Now her life's fucked cuz of your hate for your wife.Biological or not you raised her,you're the only Dad she's ever knew and you're passing that hate onto her.

  • Sounds like something a Muslim would write based on pure lies. There only good for sending money out of the country that they don’t even work for. Scammers

  • 100% Bull Shiiiit!!

  • Dude next time you write a story use terms a female would use. Lol ...idiot 20 year old males lol

  • Clearly, this kid has stamina. But you also describe a dick that simply dwarfs your husbands. How does that factor into his performance as a lover?

    Another thought. In time, this stud will move along to seed other women. You know that. But the question is, what will you do with the fact that your son [you got a 50/50 chance] will have a dick that makes your hubby look laughable.

    So will you point that out to your hubby?
    Will you point it out to your son?
    Will you raise you son to understand that he has a responsibility to use his 'gift' to spread your genes widely?

    How do you feel about this stuff?

  • Sounds like you married the wrong guy.

  • Your story makes me think you are a heartless, very selfish person.

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