My sister-in-laws panties

I was in the restroom at my in-laws and needed a q-tip. As I searched on top of the counter I got curious and looked under. Lo and behold my sister-in-laws clothes from the previous day. I was horny and saw her panties just laying there and I’ve been wanting to f*** her for a really long time now so I took them and smelled them. Her pussy scent was so magnificent! It didn’t have a piss smell really it was more of just what it would smell like normally. So at first I sniffed and started masturbating...then I wrapped them around my cock right where the crotch is and continued. As the feeling of the soft fabric on my cock felt great, the smell still had me so I took them from my cock and inhaled all I could get and kept masturbating until I came. That day was the best maturbation I’ve ever had.

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  • I feel you dude. I was just recently at my in-laws and my MIL is super fine and I went to the bathroom there and I dug a little, but found her panties and OMG! Her pussy smellls soo good! I even licked the panties to get a taste and it was delicious! Can’t wait till the day I can fuck her!

  • Mmmmmmmmm nope not queer either.

  • Look here you cheap little shit how about purchasing your own, you cunts that go through other women's laundry are queer.

  • Just disrespectful and useless all
    Around not trust worthy

  • Don’t think he’s queer lol and he did say he was looking for something else and it just so happens that the clothes were there.

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