Is this the new normal?

I'm 34, mother of two, and just started dating again after being divorced for a year. The guy I'm dating is younger, he's 23. He's great, I love him, but it's been weird meeting his friends.

The weather is finally good, so yesterday my bf took me to a BBQ at his friend's house. There were about a couple dozen people there, mostly married couples. I met everyone, felt welcome, and had a nice time chatting with the women especially. I helped prepare the food, had a few drinks, and enjoyed socializing.

At one point I went out to the back patio to bring some salad to everyone and was totally shocked by the visual. Two of the women, Nora and Wesleigh, were kneeling in front of their guys and casually sucking their dicks as they sat in their lawn chairs. They had their bras unhooked and their tits out of their tops. I asked what the hell that was about, and Nora just smiled and said that they were getting an appetizer.

I rounded up my bf and told him that the scene was really, really weird, but he said it was no big deal. No one else seemed to think it was a big deal either, as everyone just continued drinking and chatting, pretty much ignoring the fact that a couple of guys were getting their dicks sucked on the patio. I asked my bf if they were swingers or something, but he said no, they were just being nice to their guys like good girls.

Call me crazy, but seeing people do sexual things so casually out in the open was odd. I don't know if it is the younger generation or what, but sucking cock is something that should be a little more private. They didn't even seem to think it was inappropriate. That's not normal.


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  • I smell bullshit

  • I'm guessing you graduated high school in 2002 or thereabouts. Uh, you are dating a guy whose life was a little different. A person who is his age has grown up with full blown social media, doesn't know how to read or write cursive, can probably barely read, but has had access to porn like water from a faucet since he or she was a kid. Good luck, but people are a lot sluttier these days because they don't know better.

  • Of course this is not normal. You want to date a kid this is what you get. Wait till he really starts getting weird. Drop him and get someone else your own age. Fuck his brains out and watch him always want to be with you.

  • Honey, do you suck, masturbate and take it up the bum in private with your boyfriend ?

  • How about answering my question ?

  • OP here. Yes, I do suck, I occasionally masturbate, and I do not take it up the "bum." My ass is a no entry zone.

  • Better offer that hole up....

  • Darling I really think you seriously should consider getting your boyfriend to shag you in the arse eventually he will certainly want to but he would love you a lot more if you instigated it.
    Start off by wearing large butt plugs with plenty of lube and getting him to finger you there as much as possible, on the first few mountings take it missionary with your legs very high then once comfortable begin getting on all fours doing it doggie you will both just love it so much, my wife never thought she would like it but now we do it most of the time I even have a dog collar for her with "His Doggie" stamped on it.
    Please let me know how you go.

  • OP. Wow. You are something else.

  • So Darling are you thinking of letting him in your bum ?

  • OK this is where you take charge of the situation. You being a little bit older you have the advantage over them. Show them exactly what I Milf can do... Your more experienced so so show those kids exactly what a mature woman can do. Maybe do a lap dance for your boyfriend while stripping in front of everyone. Then ride his dick while everyone else is there and do it like it's no big deal at all. Don't be shy or embarrassed about it be proud of yourself and maybe suck off a couple of other guys also. You will totally be accepted by those young kids and they will all look up to you. I understand because I'm too into mature women myself. She was the first woman I ever had sex with in my life and she was 35 years older than me at the time. So you show them how to really suck on a guys dick and swallow his Hot cum in front of everyone to

  • Your advise is a heap of shit you goose, the poster is trying to obtain reasonable assistance and yours is as helpful as a screen door on a submarine you halfwit, if that's the best you can offer just piss off.

  • The new normal appears to be everything goes, porn, chatabait, sex with octopuses and tentical sex and as far out things as possible, anything to shock. next big thing will be the dark internet with payload for watched deaths and live murders.

  • This is a good example of a "straw man" argument.

  • Darling just ensure your young stud knows where you stand on moral behaviour, fornication in public is far beyond the pale, your ages appear OK to me if your in love it is about time he learnt and practised decent adult/human behaviour.
    My husband 12 years my junior was a bit of a smart arse when we started dating, he was too much into lets have fun with my friends "probably just to show me off" it took some time but he eventually learnt that a good job a nice home/cars/furniture that you will eventually will own is more important than pissing every pay up against the wall, he knows that I head him in the right direction and he loves me so much more for it, his parent's initially had some reservation's about our relationship but now support it.
    Keep trying and don't take any shit Darling it could well be worth it we now have a wonderful baby boy and new decent real friends.

  • OP here. Thanks for the advice. I make 2X what my bf makes, but he's a sweetie and is also good with my kids (ages 3 and 5). He acts like step-dad material. It's just his friends that worry me. His man friends hang around a lot of what I'd classify as "loose women" aka don't have scruples. We are around that shit all of the time.

  • Darling you have to put your foot down, a lot of my husbands friends were really just hanging around to try and break us up and cause embarrassment they turned out to be a heap of pricks once my husband came to his senses, we now have better friends and never see his old ones thank heaven.

  • Yo’re an old lady now. He is probably embarrassed to have you around his friends. Next time start sucking dick too when they do

  • Original poster. I wouldn't classify 34 as being "old."

  • Well it is. Plus you have kids. No young man wants that.

  • Well your type always win and move on quick and marry up, so what will it be this time, a fashion millionare or a trumpity humpity bumpity ? yeh, your type know how to horse play and ride horse dick for any man.

  • I'm not a slut. I'm not into marrying "up" either. I love my guy, I just think seeing his friends suck dick in public is weird and a bit inappropriate.

  • So right, don't tolerate that crap.

  • Was it the dick-sucking, or the openness? Social mores do change. Do you?

  • I posted the original message. It is both--who sucks dick out in the open!?!?!

  • Wtf? Common? Wow. Girl, he’s too young for you. Move on

  • Original poster here. I don't think he's too young, but time will tell.

  • This sounds normal to me. The parties I go to always have sex happening somewhere. But my friends are very open.

  • Darling your turn will come, next party there will be a different couple and so on but your turn will come sooner or later, one thing we have in our group is if the selected girl/girls refuses to suck in the open they are striped and a couple of guys do them in the arse, I can assure you everybody watches and cheers that scene.

  • Such a lie

  • I agree it is not normally acceptable social behaviour, but based on everyone's attitude this is a common event.

    My guess is no one really knew what to do or say the first time it happened, and then it kept happening and no one bothered to challenge it.

  • Original poster here. I'm not sure what it is, but it is damn weird.

  • I wouldn't say it's normal, but that sounds like a neat thing to see. Relax.

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