Graduation Parties

I just graduated from high school and spent four days at the beach to celebrate and party with friends. Omg, it was a lot of fucking, sucking, riding, guys popping. I think my friends and I spent more time with our bikini bottoms off than on. The guys were hot--loved playing with all of that dick. Now it's off to college in couple of months.

Anyone else have a sexy, memorable graduation?

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  • A few of my friends took a trip after graduation. I got to fuck the hot jock boy that all of us wanted to date. We went at it a few times. He was as good at the sport of fucking as he was at football (excellent). His gf, who wasn't around, found out about it, but whatever, fuck her.

  • My wife got gang banged by a bunch of black guys at her Graduation party, 12 of them got her.

  • I (male) lost my virginity on a graduation trip. Looking back on it, we were just stupid kids, but things happen in that environment, when you have booze and drugs added to it. It was pretty empty emotionally, but felt good anyway. I fucked a couple of girls that I had never thought much about before.

  • I got laid for the first time ! My high school girlfriend of two years was saving it for the idiot who would marry her little spoiled ass ! It was agreed that she would remain behind when I went off with the rest of the graduating class on our beach trip. I was a pretty good dog until the last night when a really pale and shapely young lady attached herself to me. I thought she was shy and withdrawn, but, she was a wild thing, stripping to nothing in the sand dunes and mounting my virgin cock as I lay on my back. It blew my mind, her pink-tipped, pointy nipples grazing my chest as she rode me to a cum geyser ! The news of my deflowering beat me home. When my enraged girlfriend asked me what I thought I was doing, I told her, "I'm a grown-up, now ! I'm doing what grown-ups do. Nice knowing you !" and I was out of there !

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