Wife with her black lover

There is nothing sexier than watching my wife fuck her BBC. My wife was hesitant to start dating men, specifically black guys. After meeting Damon she was finally into it.

I love how excited she gets, how she dresses like a BBC slut, high heels mini skirt, no panties and sheer top to show off her pierced nipples. She got a few tats and her clit and tits pierced for him.

They fuck three to four times a week and she gives me the creampies.

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  • My husband loves this too! But he’s more in to breeding. I like it though, I’d be pregnant anyways.

  • Have you already been pregnant by another guy yet, or are you planning to? Or are you just going to let nature take its course.

  • Been pregnant, love being pregnant, it IS nature taking its course!

  • There is some thing sexier than watching your wife fuck her BBC, that's watching three or four black men fuck your wife, gang bang her, use her like a whore, watch her suck their cocks and swallow their cum, to see her take it in the ass, it's great!

  • That clit piercing is just so fantastic, I had my wife done with two in each so I have two padlocks at a time in her, I have quite an array from small, small heart shaped, medium, butterfly shape then the large some with thin 100cm shanks that hang very low plus some very large, thick, heavy combination locks.
    She agreed to get done because I suspected she was cheating when away on company conferences turned out not to be so.
    Well it won't happen now or ever again will it, I have a special place to hide the keys but clearly the combination locks are far the best I am going to get a couple of the smallest ones possible.
    Do you still get to fuck her or does he hold the keys ?
    We still have a wonderful sex life mainly doing her anally we both really love that particularly doggie style.

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