I love this relationship

A few days ago, I started an incestuous relationship with my mother. We always had a special relationship before that: she raised me alone since she was young, and she was always carefree, liberal, and open minded. She always taught me to see the human body (both male and female) and sex as natural things. I remember seeing her naked body since I have use of memory, she'd walk around our place wearing nothing after she took a shower until she put something on (or not at all during hot days). She'd be very casual about her sex life with the boyfriends she had over the years. Sometimes we would all travel together and she would openly mention she'd leave me somewhere for a few hours to be in the room having sex with her partner. That sort of thing.
As I started to turn into an adult, those things started to turn me on. She's always been a very attractive woman, and I'll admit that ever since puberty I sometimes jerked off thinking of her. I knew what her body looked like, how she smelled and I even knew her moans. I could create a very vivid picture.
By my late teens, our relationship also had a weird turn: she would often tease me and be flirty around me. She'd talk about how I was becoming a very handsome man any woman would be lucky to have around. By my own admission, I did turn out to be rather handsome, tall and strong... just my mother's type. I've always done well in my love and sex life, and as it turns out, my mother has a hand in that: as sex has always been a natural thing for us, I'd sometimes discuss my sex life with her. Since I was young, she'd even give me advice on how to treat a woman in and out of bed, and I've done pretty well.
One night she asked me to accompany her to this diner with her friends, and things changed when I took her home. She invited me inside her appartment, we were already a little "wined-up" and we had some more. She started to be very flirty again... and I acted on it and kissed her without thinking. She was a little shocked at first, but before I realized what was happening she was all over me. We stopped thinking afterwards and we didn't stop for the entire night. I made love to my own mother. I came inside my own mother as many times as I could. I came to grasp just how passionate and orgasmic she is in bed. I made my own mother cum and it was the best night of my life. I have never had sex with such a delicious woman before. And I have absolutely no regrets.
We talked about it and agreed to enter a relationship, as if we were any other man and woman. We obviously don't show affection in front of our friends and family, but we do go on dates and express our attraction openly in front of strangers. They do frown upon us a little, though, because we look like a cougar and some young fool (I'm currently 25, she's 52), but we don't mind too much. We're just getting started, but despite knowing it's taboo, we don't feel wrong at all.


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  • My sons were trained right, and did their fucking away from home. I was a grandmother at 30, and proud of it.

  • Good for you. My story with my son is so similar to yours. There is no better bond than a boy and his mother. Making love with each other only intensifies it.


  • Fuckin Liberals...smh.

  • Well start feeling bad about it you little prick, fucking mothers, aunties, grandmothers or cousins always "ALWAYS" ends in tears and guilt sooner or later.

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