In Bangkok

I went to Bangkok with a group for work while my fiancee was back at home. I spent some time alone checking out the night market and red light zone. I wasn't planning on doing anything but I'd heard about the bargirls and this one girl at the beer bar was all over me, brushing against me and giggling. I had some extra baht and ended up picking up a girl and sealing the deal with her at a nearby hotel.

She was flirty and kind but we didn't get into anything too wild--it felt amazing though and I'm glad to have that experience under my belt. When I was done I went back to meet my coworkers for a late drink. My fiancee has no idea.

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  • Did she give you a hand job, or did you fuck her (with or without a condom), or what?

  • I fucked her with a condom. Like I said, nothing too special--missionary at first, then she got on top and finished off doggy style. She didn't come but I definitely did--to be honest, the whole arrangement and language barrier was probably hotter than the sex for me.

  • Well of course that is till you get a dose of Saigon Rose.

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