Cousin Mas

Since we were both 5 . Me and my cousin Mas , had been the best of friends . We were more like brother and sister . We lived only a quarter mile from each other , in England . Now we were 13 . We spent so much time at each others houses . Our parents told us to just walk in , if the door was not locked . It was a warm summer morning , in the school holidays . I decided to see if mas wanted to do anything . I walked to her house , the front door was no locked . I walked in , expecting her to be in the lounge . She wa not there . I could hear a radio playing in the kitchen . I opened the door , and stood staring . Mas was standing at the sink , with her back to me . She was naked . I wanted to go back to the lounge and shout her from there . So she knew i was in the house . I could not do it , i stood staring at her . She had a nice figure and a lovely butt . I watched her . She was having what we call , a srip wash . She was using a cloth to wash her . I watched he washing , the top half of her body . I knew he was washing her boobs . Then she wet the cloth , and moved down where her pussy was . When she did this , she moved her feet . Spreading them apart . To wash her pussy .She moved down , washing her legs . To do this she was bending down . This gave me a view between her legs . I could see her hairy pussy . The more she bent down , the more i could see . My erection was trying to burst out of my shorts . Mas half turned , reaching out for a towel . She saw me . Grabbing the towel and covering herself . She turned to face me . She said , how long have you been watching me . I told her i had just walked in . She said don't lie . How long . She could tell when i was not telling the truth . So i told her that i had watched her wash the front of her body . She turned away from me , Holding the cloth out , and saying . You had better wash my back . I started at her shoulders and worked my way down . When i reached her butt . She said make sure you give it a good wash . Then she told me to wash the back of her leg and between them . She spread her feet wide , Telling me to make sure to wash the inside top of her her legs . When i was doing this . The back of my hand kept touching her pussy . I moved down her legs . To wash the ankles , i had to get on my knees . My face was almost level with her pussy . I could have kissed it . When i had finished , she handed me the towel to dry her . Make sure you dry between my legs . I made sure to accidently touch her pussy . When i had finished , she turned round to face me . She had nice boobs , and a hairy pussy . Her hair was brown . She walked up to me . Reached up , put her arm round my neck . Pulled my head down and kissed . Before she moved away , she touched the bulge in my shorts . I put my arms round her and kissed her . She wanted to go in to the lounge to it on the couch . We sat kissing , i was feeling her boobs . Then i moved down to her legs .Sliding my hand between them , to her pussy . It was already wet . I got down on the floor . Pushing her legs apart , so that i could lick her pussy . She asked me to also use my fingers . I was finger fucking and licking her . Then he was asking me not to stop for anything . She had a noisy orgasm . When i stood up , she told me to undress . She took hold of my penis and pulled me towards her . She put her mouth round my penis and gave me a blow job. Then she got dressed . Not what i was hoping for . Later , as i was leaving . She asked if my parents were at work tomorrow . When i told her they were , she said she would see me in the morning . When she turned up , she had her younger friend Sue with her . Sue was a very pretty red head , she was 11 . I was disapointed . No sex today . Mas told Sue to go in to the lounge and sit on the couch . Then she told me . We could have sex , but she wanted Sue to join us . She had told about what had happened the day before . Sue wanted to see me naked . When we went in to the lounge , Mas said , lets go upstairs . In my room Mas told me to strip . She stripped . Mas told sue to look at me and to touch me . I was already hard . Mas told Sue to kiss my penis . Then she told Sue to undress . When we were all undressed . Mas lay on bed , wanting me to lick and finger her . I kneeled between her thighs Licking and fingering her . Sue surprised me she climbed on the bed . Licking and ucking Mas's boobs . Mas was soon having an orgasm . When she had finished , she told Sue to down an let me lick her . Sue did not have boobs , just puffy nipple and a bald pusssy . Ma told me to finger fuck Sue when i was licking her . I could only get 2 fingers inside her . Mas was licking and sucking Sues nipples . Sue soon had an orgasm . Mas wanted to feel me inside her . She lay on the bed . I slid in to her . She reminded me not to cum in her pussy . When i was ready to come , i pulled out . Now she wanted me to fuck Sue . I tried to slip in to her , with her laying down . I could not get in to her pussy . So Mas told her to kneel on the bed . I kneeled behind her . This time my penis slipped in to her . Her pussy was tight . Mas put her hand between my legs . Playing with my balls . This made me want to cum . When i told her i wanted to cum .Mas pushed against me , telling me to cum in Sue's pussy . When i pulled out . Mas turned Sue on to her back . Licking her pussy . Swallowing the cum and juices . Then we sat on the bed talking . Mas told me that her and Sue had been giving each other orgasms . Licking and fingering each other , and pushing things in to their pussy . They wanted me to get hard . I told them they would have to wait . I needed to be arroused . Mas said , will this work . Her and Sue were licking each and finger fucking each other . They both has orgasms , not at the same time . This got me excited . This was the first time that they did something that i liked to give me an orgasm . Mas told me to lay on my back on the bed . Sue lowered her pussy on to my penis . Mas crouched over my face . Letting me lick her and bury my face in her pussy . With Sue riding me and Mas over my face . I was in my happy place .

Jul 23
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