MIL Milks Me

A little after my first year of marriage, the wife and I were vacationing at her parent's house in sunny Fl. I was up early, and volunteered to mow the lawn. The other men had gone fishing, and my wife and SIL had gone shopping. That left me there with the MIL. I had finished mowing and was cooling off in the shade of the porch. She brought me a glass of ice tea, and sat down. She was tall, blue eyes and red hair, pale skin, long legs, and huge breasts. The image she portrayed was that of a well-spoken, upstanding, church-going candidate for sainthood. In fact, she was a secret drinker, a consumer of porn, and had a filthy mouth. She had overheard my wife giving me a hand job the night before and began questioning me about it. At first I was shocked and shamed by her line of questioning. Then, I was turned-on by her inability to use decent terms for body parts. Breasts were "titties", a vagina was a "pussy", a penis was a " dick" or a "peter". After I admitted that my wife was masturbating me she got obviously turned on.
"She was pulling on that peter ? "
"Yes 'mam"
" Did you shoot your...come ?" she asked, breathlessly.
"Yes 'mam, I sure did ! " Her eyes widened in mock horror.
"Uhhh, didja get it all over the sheets ?" she wondered.
" No. R caught it in a tissue. You've got a box on the night stand."
" Were y'all nekkid ? " she asked, smiling.
"I was. R made me pull off my tighty-whities before she would jerk me. She had on a tee shirt. I could still get to those titties, and pussy."
"Then, why didn't you fuck her ?" she asked, smiling, but, going red.
"Too much noise in a house full of people, " I answered.
" Do you ever put it in her mouth ? "
" Sometimes, " I admitted.
"Ain't that better than her hands ?"
"Yeah, definitely, but she's not bad with her hands, " I shrugged.
"Huh, " she smiled, bemused, then, "You know I told her, the night before y'all's wedding that if you wanted her to suck your dick, she'd better suck it or she'd lose you. You've got me to thank for that !" She was wrong, of course, R. had gone down on me the first time we'd ever had sex, way before our marriage, nothing she needed to know.
I excused myself to go shower off the sweat, and grass clippings still stuck to me. When I got out and was drying off, she knocked on the bathroom door.
"Yes, " I answered.
"Can I come in ?" I wrapped the towel around my waist, and opened the door. She was in an oversized denim work shirt, her white legs bare. She looked sheepish, and said, " I know I sound like a dirty old woman, but, I want to see what my daughter pulls on, and sucks, and fucks. " I shrugged and dropped the towel to the floor. She murmured, "Not bad!" Then she asked me, "Can you get it hard ? "
"Sure", I answered, and began stroking my dick. "It might help if you could show me those titties. " She smiled and began unbuttoning her work shirt. My wife has 38 DD tits, light brown nips. Her mom had 42 DDD tits, tea saucer sized nipples the color of red brick. My wife was a redhead, with a moderate cinnamon colored bush. As Mom's shirt was completely unbuttoned I was surprised to see a profuse black bush fanning out in a thick delta, crawling up towards her belly button. Fully erect, I urged her to stroke me. She took it tentatively, at first, but began getting into it as I pulled those huge nipples, which hardened like pencil erasers. She balked , at first, when my finger pressed into her bush, seeking her slit and clit, and pushed my hand away. She relented, and I found her dripping wet. I sucked one large tit, then, the other. Her clit was small, but, I found it and made her come. Her legs almost buckled as she sputtered and gasped, " Ohhh, you fucking devil ! Rub my pussy, RUB IT !" She squeezed me harder, stroking faster, and cupped my balls. "Bigguns, and they FULL of nasty fucking come !" she noted. "Shoot your fucking come for me, shoot it !" and minutes later I fired a huge load, which over shot the sink and coated the faucet and fixtures. "Oh my gosh ! I never seen so much fucking COME ! " She smiled and said, "I'm surprised my daughter ain't pregnant !" I thanked God for birth control, and began cleaning the faucet and fixtures with a washrag. A slamming car door, outside, ended our play. We never went there again.


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  • The mother sounds hot

  • Shame but at least you got a taste of the mother

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