Stole money

So I stole £69 from my friend. It was by total accident, and it was because her detail as were on auto-fill on my phone. But I still feel terrible because I couldn’t admit that it wa same when she found out she had no money in her bank. She’s gone to speak to her bank today and close her account in case of further identity theft. I did it by accident but I can’t help but regret not owning up and just paying her back for my online orders.

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  • Pay. Her. Back.

  • Pay her back, its simple

  • You stole her money "by accident"?

    Grow up and take responsibility for your actions.

  • LOL! That's what I thought. No one steals £69 'by accident.' That's got about as much credibility as a priest at church whose dick accidentally hocks up and ejaculates into a communion chalice.

  • No I get this, because sometimes details do automatically fill onto online shopping websites through Ubereats and Dominos etc. It’s happened to me where my friend ordered something and the purchase was made on my card, but she realised immediately and paid me back.

  • I am not saying it did not happen this way, but once you are aware of what you have done, and simply keep the items but do not pay for them, it is no longer stealing by accident, it is just fucking stealing.

  • Jesus, what church do you go to?

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