Is it illegal to look at the sites 155chan, 144chan, & 180chan?

I've stumbled across these sites. I'm concerned about rather or not they're legal to look at in the United States of America.

This is a surface web site. I find it strange to hear about 17 something year olds get arrested for taking a picture of themselves, but these sites are up.

However, it appears that content showing or linking to real child porn get removed, so maybe these sites are just on the razor's edge of being illegal.

I wonder if the authorities don't notice it, or if it's a honeypot operation or what.

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  • Ya, looking at normal (legal) porn and getting me directed there was bad news. Not sure how those sites stay up

  • Take the bait.. take the bait.. come on take the bait!!! Is written all over it. See what prize you’ll win !!

  • There is a special place in Hell for people who look at these websites. And by Hell, I mean a state or federal prison, in which you will be brutally fucked up the ass, with no lube, by a whole line of buck kneegrows, and then beaten until you wish you were dead. Pedophiles have a very short life expectancy in the pen.

  • Those sites are tracked by the FBI and they will show up at your house after tracing your IP

  • Not if you’re behind 7 Proxies.

  • Sorry pal, your proxies are nothing to the full weight of the NSA and FBI. Really think you can beat them? Sooner or later they win.

  • Screw legal its just wrong!!!! seriously wrong!!!!!

  • If you have ANY question about any of this -- why do you even go there?

  • The fuck are those sites?

  • Curiosity git the best of me so i went there - don't go - gross ass kid porn and good luck exiting out of site.

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