Im 13 and i have wanted to have sex for at least 4 years of my life, and its starting to control me. I have been going on omegle a lot to satisfy my urge. I usually do little shows with my naked body, and asking around for a master to control me for about 10 minutes.

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  • So, you started thinking about sex at nine years of age, and by thirteen you are "controlled" by these thoughts ? I don't care if you're a twat or a prick, I'd call you an early bloomer, physically as well, since you have a picture worthy body, according to you. If not, well, most admirers of thirteen year olds are what's known as child molestors, or, pedophiles. BTW, most "masters" worth their salt aren't going to waste their time on jail bait that just wants "ten minutes" of topping. You have a long and difficult life ahead of you.

  • Are you male or female?

  • When I was your age I’d already given birth proudly. It’s just your surroundings. I pray for your freedom.

  • Well you will wait at least another 20-30 years for sex as well in your generation like my generation have. get into sex toys and avoid real sex because it won't live up to a thing unless its with someone hot. and don't eye up any creepy royals and celebs go hunt down the local football club.

  • It's normal to have erges are you a boy or girl btw

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