Wife thought it was a set up

We are older and retired, one day my wife asked me what I was looking at on my laptop and I told her porn. She said she wanted to see what I look at all the time so I showed her, she got a little turned on then asked if I wanted a blow job while watching it. When she finished up she came back up and looked at the screen, I had a video up of a woman sucking cock at a glory hole. She asked me if I wanted to do something like that and I told her that I did so I built a box which turned into more of a booth out of our side garage door. I would walk up to it like I was a stranger then get a blow job from her.
I then had a really bad idea strike me, I wondered if I could get her to give another guy a blow job thru it. I asked her about it and I think she figured it was a set up because she told me that she would right away but she wanted to be blindfolded to do it. I called up a guy I know and he has been single for quite some time, told him what my wife was looking to do and he told me he would do it for sure just name the day, told him she had no idea it would be him so he had to be quiet about it. I pushed my wife even further and wondered if she would do it in bondage, she is fairly submissive and likes to please so I thought why not push it to the maximum. When I told her everything I had in mind except that it would be some other guy putting his cock thru the hole she was onboard completely.
I got her all set up kneeling in front of the hole, arms behind her, body secured to the wall. She could turn her head just fine side to side and sucking was not going to be to hard for her to do but most of the time when she let me do it she just put her face against the wood and let me fuck it. My friend had already texted me telling me he was just down the street when I started tying her up. I texted him that everything was good and it was only a few minutes and I saw him walking to the side of the garage. I tried to remain as still as possible watching from across the garage and within seconds of his cock pushing on her face she opened up and stated sucking away on his cock. She was going at it really well and I thought to myself what a turn on it was to watch her do this not knowing who she was sucking. I slowly crept up closer until I was only about six feet from her, she was moaning out and sucking really hard on it, he was plenty hard by now and I was glad to see that he was about the same size as I am because I had not thought about that at all. I heard her slurping and noticed some cum slipping down her lips as she swallowed and sucked more I could hear him outside moaning out and I thought oh crap, she is going to hear him and think it is not me. I watched his cock going out of the hole then watched thru the window for him to leave. I looked back over at her and she was kneeling there breathing hard and trying to lick the cum off her lower lip but it was down her chin some ways. She said that this had been a lot of fun and she was so turned on right now, I really wanted a blow job now so I put on my thinking cap. How could I get her to suck me off just after supposedly blowing me just now, I decided that I would not risk it and just pretended like I walked into the garage from the house by opening and closing the door.
She immediately told me that she was really turned on by this whole bound and blindfolded blow job set up, she was in a seriously turned on state rotating her hips around. I undid her from the wall and took her upstairs with her arms still tied behind her. She was so excited the whole way up to the bedroom, I laid her on the bed and tied her legs spread out wide. I could not believe how wet she was when I first started touching her pussy, she had not been this turned on in years. I had a great time putting her in a few positions and playing with her to orgasm.
This went on for a few months every so often she would even bring it up herself asking if I wanted a glory hole blow job. She even set up the doorway one day while I was out doing yard work, she waited until I was on that side of the house then waited to see if I would come over. I was pretty sweaty and was really turned on that she did it, I walked up and slid my cock thru the hole, she sucked it down without hesitation. I think it was during this one that I came up with another idea because when I walked up to it after noticing it she had her mouth pressed against the hole wide open and her tongue sticking out. I had seen gag rings in videos and it reminded me of it seeing just her mouth in the hole. I put another plan into motion and did it with her once just to see how she would feel about it, she was over the top turned on telling me she felt so good doing it. I gave it a few months then asked her one day if she would do it again the next day, she amazed me when she said why wait until then, lets do it now. I was stalling a little bit telling her that it sounds great, I texted my friend while I was in the garage getting the doorway set up and it only took him a few minutes to reply back that he was on his way. I had about fifteen minutes to get her set up so if anything I was sure he would not mind waiting a few for my text. She was all set up, the sides of the gag where clipped into the wall and her mouth was only about an inch from the wall. I opened the door to the house then closed it, I stood by the door and texted him she was ready. I was getting hard myself just watching her, his cock was not in the hole yet but she was sticking her tongue out and moving slightly around in her rope binds while whimpering a little bit of all things. I saw him go by the window and listened as she moaned out with pleasure. I again crept up with in a few feet of her and watched as his cock was plunging in and out of her mouth. He kept this up for quite some time, I was fairly impressed with his staying power, she was moaning and slurping with her tongue while saliva began rolling down her chin and onto her tits. He finally started to orgasm and she was having a great time swallowing it but a lot of it slid right out and went down the front her. He kept up the stroking after orgasm for a few minutes, something I did not do usually, she was still moaning and moving around at the hips. He finally stopped and she let out a few whimpers again, she was honestly turned on immensely by this, I was really turned on myself. I decided to sneak out as quietly as I could and get a blow job myself. I slid my cock on her tongue wondering how she would react, I did not hear any protesting sounds so I eased it in and out listening to her moaning inside the doorway. I felt my phone buzz and looked down at it, my friend texted me that I was really lucky SOB to have a wife that it willing to do it, he told me it felt great and to call him anytime.
I have had a blast doing this with her and so far she has been none the wiser so I am going to set her up again soon. She even asks me to tie her up just in the house and make her suck me, she has also put the gag in herself and just let me do it to her. She is really into it and I have no idea why but I am really enjoying it myself.


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  • Few years back I answered an ad on CL personals from a guy claiming he had his wife bound and mouth forced open in a similar manner only no glory hole. I was skeptical but was surprised when I received a hotel name and room number. I showed up and sure as hell there was this woman tied up and mouth wide open, I had a great time giving her my cock then came in her mouth. It was really hot.

  • I have always wanted to do that to my wife when I divorce her, tie her down to a table or something so both ends are accessible then post an ad for free fucking and sucking.

  • Yes she absolutely knows it’s not always your cock. Clearly she likes it, but also it’s clear that she just likes giving blowjobs in general because she will ask you to do it inside when she knows it’s just you. I think she’d like it if she was bound and you brought in the other guy after she was already helpless and let her see whose dick she was about to suck. Maybe not that she would recognize the person but just knowing that it’s not you and that you both know each other knows. Make her submit to sucking a cock that she knows isn’t yours. I think she’d be turned on by it! In any case you are one lucky guy to have a wife who loves sucking so much and is nasty about it. Sounds like she loves having her mouth being used and dirtied up and being made to continue with it that way while helpless to stop it. Even seems like she has a need for it because you don’t have to hold her mouth open with any devices. She’s willing to service once she’s bound. The only part that isn’t bound being her head and face and she will wrap her lips around it and suck away. Deepthroat her a few times for me!

  • I caught my ex giving a blow job to a friend of his and I asked him why he did not just tell me that he wanted to do it. I enjoyed watching them and he opened up about it.

  • The great and scary thing about a glory hole is not knowing whose cock you are sucking. I enjoyed all of them! Size didn’t matter all that much to me, I got my pleasure from all of them. With the bonus of having my mouth filled with cum.
    Being a guy I enjoyed every glory hole experience. Oral or anal. I always was on the receiving end of the cum shots.

  • You should tie her up so that her pussy is lined up with the hole and watch your friend fuck her.

  • You think she does not know she is sucking another guy's cock?

    As a cocksucker myself, every man has his own smell and taste, and different guy's have different tasting cum.

  • Good point, she has not said anything like that and asked me if I enjoyed it.

  • My ex husband used to bring up finding a gloryhole all the time.Silly me , I thought he wanted to see me sucking some strangers cock imagine my surprise when we finally found one and when the first dick came through the hole he wrapped his lips around it.

  • We weren’t at a glory hole, just having a three way with a friend of my ex’s, but I had a similar experience. Ex and me were on the couch, I was straddling him, sucking his friends cock, when he pulled it out of my mouth and shoved it in to ex’s mouth, and he happily started sucking.

  • Interesting, not sure I could do it to someone I know but with the glory hole he would not know who was sucking on him.

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