I would go to my Aunt's house after school and summers

When I turned 13 I figured my mom was going to let me stay home after school and during the summer but absolutely no luck on that from her. She told me that there was no way I was staying home until I was at least 15 if not 16, I found out later that her brother had caught the house on fire when he was left home to his own care at around 14 so I was screwed.
So once again there I was telling absolutely no one where I was during my summer vacation, all my friends were pretty much being left to their own care but I got dropped off at my Aunts house every morning at 7 am. I was sitting there bored out of my skull and she asked me if I would help her out with some things around the house. I murmured some remark like free slave labor and walked towards her knowing if I did not help her out my mom would hear about it for sure.
She put her hand on my chest and asked me what it was I was saying, I told her anyways figuring I was going to get in trouble anyways. She looked at me and told me to come upstairs for a moment. We walked into one of the bedrooms and she told me sit down on the bed, I had no idea what she was doing but figured she wanted me sitting for a good session of being told how I should act. She kneeled down in front of me and pushed my legs apart somewhat, she began undoing my pants and then just as I started to open my mouth to say something she shushed me. I watched in complete disbelief as my penis was pulled out of my pants. She lowered her open mouth onto it and sucked on me, I had never in my life had anything more than my hand and fingers wrapped around it so this was feeling something like heaven. She slurped and sucked me until I came, she swallowed it all and then after squeezing out the last of it looked up at me and told me that I would get one of those everyday that I did not complain about helping her.
This went on everyday for the summer, I would help her out around the house with what ever she needed done and she would give me what I learned was a blow job. She did not seem to mind this at all and quite often would give me two in one day just for the fun of it. She did not have any children and her husband had died in a car accident about five years before all of this so I think it was like her sexual release because I often heard my mom talking about how she was going to grow old alone if she did not start dating again.


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  • Give her a kid and she won't be lonely

  • In our family we had a young Auntie Ruth previously married but her husband passed away early she was really rich and lived in a wonderful home on five acres (very private) as the boys in the family reached 15 1/2 to 16 we in turn were sent to Auntie Ruth's for school holidays where she would give us sex education, it was very humiliating to start off with because we had to stay naked all the time while there and sleep in her large king size bed, we had to initially masturbate in front of her while she gave tips and encouraged then she would give plenty of blow jobs after that we had to learn to eat and play with her shaved pussy and nice tit's only then she would let us put our cock in so we got plenty of sex then when mastered we learn doing anal to her.
    So great she even used to call us back for a revision session on the odd weekend/ long weekend.

  • How long ago was this?

  • Around forty years ago.

  • Oh wow. Very cool story thanks for sharing

  • Did you never lick her pussy or get to fuck her ?

  • No, just her giving me blow jobs.

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