Fishing and Sleeping

A few summers ago my brother Steve and I caught a halibut, but not just any halibut. My first fishing memory began a few summers ago when I was in Ketchikan with Steve fishing. Before we left to the dock we packed things like clothes, food, and some other stuff like that. Then we hopped on our bikes and rode to the dock.

When we got to the dock we parked our bikes and walked down to our boat. Once we were in the boat we rode off into the water until we were pretty far out. Finally we were far enough out so I set up the poles and Steve turned on some music. I don’t know about you but I know that when I fish I like some to listen to some music.

Once we set up the poles all the way, we just started to wait. And it wasn’t very much fun to wait so we decided to take a nap for about 1 hour or so. But about 30 minutes later we got a bite. Of course we were still sleeping so we didn’t know, but it held on tight, so tight that it woke us up. So when we were awake, we ran to the pole and reeled it in. After we got in the boat we cleaned it and while we were cleaning it we realized that it could talk cause it wouldn’t stop blabbing and it was pretty freaky, so we tossed it back in the water started the boat back up rode home and never went halibut fishing again.

2 months ago

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    • You must have been dreaming but keep fishing with your brother! Halibut can get huge and are fun to catch!

    • I think you forgot to mention the acid tabs in your narrative.

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