Just wondering

I'm just wondering what you ladies do if you start to go down on another woman and she has, like the most nasty smelling cooch you have ever seen. Do you stop and tell her she has a problem, or make up some excuse for not chowing down, or do you just choke down the vomit and dive in? I'm not trying to be funny, I just really want to know what to do in that situation.

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  • I was having sex with a female friend, I as a woman never did this before. She was eating me and when it was my turn to eat her, her pussy smelled like urine. I wasn't happy sinced she initiated the sex and would have expected her to be clean if she wanted someone to eat her. The whole thing turned me off, I'm sticking with my guys.

  • I really like eating pussy, so she has to be pretty noxious before I have to stop. The couple times it's happened I just started slowly moving away by kissing up or down her thigh or up to her stomach. They never said anything, and just let me go where I wanted to, but if they had, I don't know what I'd have said.

  • Just be polite. If someone is kind enough to have sex with you, just roll with it. I've been with guys who had sweaty smelling dicks, but you just keep the oral to a minimum.

  • That's why I prefer to start out with a shower so as to get acquainted and to make sure we are both clean!

  • See this wouldn't work for me. Honestly, if I am intending to have sex with you I am going to meet up with you only after fully showering. I will make sure I am fully shaved, and very clean. I will also have done my hair and make-up....so getting into a shower with you would fuck up both of those things. If I was even remotely worried I might not be perfectly fresh I would excuse myself to the washroom prior to playing to freshen up.

  • Will you shower with me after? I find that very enjoyable to stand behind her and lather her up with soap running my fingers all over her body

  • Happened to me in college. Hooked up with this gal at a party...not a total stranger, it was a casual acquaintance. Got going back in my dorm room (I had a single at the time). Pretty soon the clothes came off and she's on top of me in a 69. Aarrgghh!! She reeked!! It was so bad that I lost my erection. After a few minutes I told her that the booze had made this "not a good time" (we were both pretty drunk). To be fair to her, for all I know I smelled as bad as she did. It had been a pretty long day and it was 2:00 a.m. before we started into this.

  • Honestly this can happen. Drinking, dancing, going pee...it's an area with moisture and not a lot of air. I think you handled this well.

  • Never come across one. Just date cleaner women.

  • I completely agree with this person. If she's clean and healthy and hasn't just finished hiking or working out her pussy should be totally fine.

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