Those guys gotta catch up.

I've been with a lot of white guys in my life. But man they gotta step it up or they will become obsolete. I've noticed most white guys are afraid of confrontation with a black man.
But defiantly in the sex department white guys gotta step there game up. Lot guys I been with would have a hard time getting it hard. Or would need to take breaks in between positions to get hard again.

Reason I say this because I hooked up for first time with a black guy named thomas. He is my co worker. Funny guy always flirty with all the girls. He has a few pounds on him he was on the heavy side. He is no sexy stud. As time went along we worked in same department. We even took lunch breaks together. One night after work in parking lot it was raining out and we were talking in my car for awhile. Not sure how it happened but we started making out. His kisses were electric. He was an amazing kisser. I moved my hand down to where his cock is and felt not was rock hard. So while still kissing him I start to unzip his pants pulled his cock out which very thick with a curve to it. I start stroking it. I tell him I always wanted to try black dick. I lean over and start sucking his cock. He was loving it and making a lot of grunting noises. After about few minutes of sucking him. He tells me he is gonna cum. I tell him cum in my mouth. Shortly there after he grunts really load and shoots a load in my mouth. We departed after wards
Weekend came and he came over to my apartment to chill. We been texting for days and making references to each other at work about having sex and that I want him to be the first black cock inside me.
We hang out for awhile sharing kisses through out the time watching a movie. After the movie. We make out for awhile, then sucked his cock for awhile almost made him cum twice while sucking him. We go to the bed room. I lay down spread my legs wide. He gets on the bed and slowly starts to put his cock in me. He picks up the speed and starts fucking me. I orgasm twice with him on top me. We swap to me on top him. He is so hard and huge his cock just takes up my entire pussy. I ride him for a good ten minutes. I enjoy looking down at his face while I'm riding him and seeing those grunt faces and faces of anger be keeps making. He says he wants to do doggy so we switch to that. He gets in real deep. Lots of deep thrusts. He dominated me big time and just fucked me with no mercy like it was his last day on earth. he hits that g spot good a few times which led to me orgasm few times. Shortly after we adjusted a bit to a different position which was like a wheel barrel doggy style kind of position where he is holding my legs and my hands are flat on bed and he just fucked the shit out me. He had me moaning like crazy I was also surprised for a guy who is almost 300 lbs how he was fucking me like crazy non stop. I was so turned on by his constant grunt sounds he was making. Kept up with his deep thrusts. He started going a lot faster with his thrusts along with making a lot more sounds. He starts yelling "ahhhh fuck fuck " while thrusting then yells out" I'm going to cum". Keeps fucking at a faster rate. I moan to him "let that big black dick cum." He shouts out "fuck I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum in that pussy right now. " sure enough he went as deep as he could go and he came inside my pussy with a massive explosion. The best sex I ever had.
After that sex session white boys need to step there game up.
Thomas and I would have a few more sex sessions after this. He was amazing.

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  • I caught my white wife in bed with my half black step brother.I didn't want a confrontation with him because I've never really been good at confrontations.I just watched in shock. His dick was huge and my wife was loving it.She definitely had an orgasm while I was watching and he finished inside her.I don't know how much they fuck but thinking about now always gets me hard.

  • Maybe your just butt ugly to a hemorrhoid, and that's why white guys can't keep it hard for you. Everybody knows a Jigaboo will gladly fuck anything, especially if its white.

  • More race baiting, fake shit.

  • I'm black and in my opinion its you white girls that do something to us and vice versa.

  • I feel the same way. I too recently hooked up with my first black guy and holy shit it was amazing. We fucked for hours. And just how dominate he got was out of this world. Calling me a white bitch and told me to beg for his big ni***er dick. And I did. We fucked in so many positions, doggy, rode him, ankles behind my ears. It was none stop. And when I thought we were done he had me suck his fuck, cum on my face, then bent me over his couch and fucked me again. It was some of the best sex of my life.

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