Honestly unfaithful

When my husband, CJ, met me, I had a boyfriend, Mike. CJ knew I was cheating with him.
This went on for about 3 months, but CJ couldn't get over me being with another guy. (Actually 3 other guys, because I had a couple one nighters during that time. )
CJ asked me to marry him, but I told him, I've cheated on every boyfriend.
CJ said he was going to change all of that.

The truth is I broke up with Mike when CJ and I got engaged, but I kept having sex with Mike up until the night before our wedding.
I was faithfully married for about 6 months, but then I slipped up.

I was out with my best friend Lauren and we ran in to a cute guy that looked vaguely familiar. He reminded me he was one of the guys I had a one nighter with while I was dating Mike and CJ. I tried to tell him I was married, but he just said, To the guy you were dating last time we hooked up?
Lauren, who has never been a good influence, jumped right in and offered up her spa tub.
We danced and drank and after a while I ended up taking a bath and more with this guy.

I felt bad about what happened for a while, but I was determined not to let it happen again.
I was good for probably a year, when Lauren (again!) and I were out. Lauren was flirting with this guy, Kelan, but he was clearly in to me. Lauren facilitated it again by saying I'd never been with a black guy before and I always wanted to find out if it was true what they say. (This was all total BS, I'd been with black guys).

I felt bad again, but I wasn't going to say anything or do it again.
Ironically a week or two later I went out with CJ and he introduced me to some acquaintances and Kelan was one of them.
I wanted to run away and hide. He kept making eyes at me all night, but I just ignored him.

That night when we went home, I decided to that I needed to come clean. I told CJ that I had been unfaithful twice. At first he seemed to take it pretty calmly, but then I told him that I had sex with Kelan which sent him in to a jealous fit.

We broke up and I moved out. After a month or so, I started seeing Mike again. CJ and I still talked occasionally and I was honest that I was seeing someone else. CJ didn't like it, but we were planning on divorcing. After about 6 months though, to my surprise, CJ asked me to go to dinner with him. At dinner CJ said he wanted me to stop seeing my boyfriend and move back in.
I told CJ, I didn't think it was a good idea, because although I love him, I wasn't sure I wanted to be married or tied down. I said I was sorry I cheated but I probably would again and I couldn't go through one of his jealous fits again.

He promised he wouldn't throw anymore fits and asked me to move back in. I asked him if he was OK with me seeing other guys, but he didn't want to talk about it then. I moved back in and in what I'm sure was an effort to show he wouldn't act jealous anymore, he invited some friends over. Kelan was one of them.
After some drinks, he sat and talked with Kelan, right in front of me. The conversation was awkward and at one point, CJ asked Kelan if he was a tit or an ass man. CJ said, my wife Amy has the best tits. At which point I got up and left the conversation.

That night after everyone left, I asked CJ what the hell he was doing? He said he was trying to show he's not jealous. I explained that talking to a guy I fucked about my tits in front of me did nothing but make everyone feel weird.
I felt bad though, because CJ honestly didn't know how he was supposed to act.
I explained, that I would try to contain my flings to once or twice a year and only do it on trips out of town. That way we wouldn't have a "Kelan" situation again.
CJ agreed that he could live with that and a new tradition was born. Lauren and I would take trips every spring and fall without our husbands.

It has now been 20 years and Lauren and I hardly take our yearly trips anymore. I am now in my 40s and I do have the occasional fling close to home. But only with much younger guys. I also have had a boyfriend for 5 years.
My husband has not only gotten over his jealousy, he has grown to enjoy the sporadic story I tell him of my adventures.

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  • CJ must be one dumb ass mf. Any self respecting guy would have given you the boot for good and never looked back. Skanky ass sluts like you are a dime a dozen. He needs a real woman who knows what love is, not some whoring nappy headed cock sucker.

  • And who says love is dead?

  • You should feel bad you idiot.

  • Sweetie you have to do what makes you happy. At 32 after losing about 150lbs, I found myself cheating on my husband with anyone who gave me attention, to include my daughters bf. I got caught, tried to work it out, been divorced for 4 years now, I have a steady bf, but it just occurred to me that I've been with everyone he knows. He threw a BBQ the other day and all the guys there, was someone I've been with.

  • You have no idea what irony is darling.

  • Sucks for CJ. chicks like you. I hope he gets his own regularly.

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