I loce to dress feminine

I have always loved dressing in womens clothing ,started when I was young and as I got der the urge to do it has grown out of control but always in the same direction,,to be totally feminized.A few years ago I would dress up but wanted to be forced to be totally fem ,My wife liked the idea and had me buy a heavy duty steel chest to store my male clothing in that can be locked when she wants to keep me from being able to change back when ever I want.Now she keeps me totally feminized for days at a time and had bought a strap on to push me even further into feminizm

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  • That sounds real nice I hope she insists on you wearing a chastity cage, being locked is just so good it really keeps you submissive and eager to please her, she decides when you are unlocked for shaving, cleaning and some teasing then locks you till she wants to let you cum and that should not be too often.

  • She has decided that I need to be kept locked up 24/7 now .I am restrained when it is time for my cleaning . I am always restrained before she unlocks my cage especially during play time which consists of her playing with my sissy dick till im about to have an orgasm.She loves to bring me to the edge over and over for hours every time then using crushed ice to make me go limp and shrink down to almost nothing then putting my cage back on me.I am about to go crazy but know this is for my own good .I have become so much more submissive than I have ever been.

  • Such wonderful news it may take a little while for you to really get used to it but it sounds like your off to a great start, the best cage is a Holy Trainer a bit expensive but well worth it, don't discuss release, cleaning, teasing or orgasm leave all that to your wife or get punished, ensure she extends your chastity continuously, I can easily go for four months now without orgasm while being cleaned, shaved and teased regularly once a week, my wife can call upon as many orgasm's as she likes given by mouth, finger, hand and toy's
    Please let me know how your progressing Buddy, I only wear femme while home and we keep this fetish our own secret

  • I showed my wife the Holy Trainer and she told me to order the pink one which I did immediatly. When it came to the house she called me and I came home right away . She had it un rapped and told me to put it on but I couldnt because I bought the smallest one and had an erection but fixed that by using crushed ice on my sissy dick and balls till I shrank enough to fit in the new cage.It is a very snug fit and feels so wonderful ,my wife is happy that I like the way it feels because it will stay locked on for a long time . If I say anything at all about my little useless sissy dick she paddles my ass till I cant sit down ,this means even if I do so when answering a question . She enjoys tying me up totally helpless then playing with my dick ,making sure to bring me to almost having an orgasm then stopping. She does it often and sometimes for hours before locking my cage back on then un tying me leaving me totally frustrated but even more submissive .I wear a bra,panties and stockings all the time which is exciting at work and I am totally feminized any time when not working.She sometimes even makes me dress fem and leave for work and I have to stop somewhere and change clothes before work

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