First time for everything

Well, I messed up my first time. So I’d never been with a girl, I’ve never been muscular, I’ve just been an average awkward boy in school. At least awkward around girls. Most people lost their virginity at 13 and I hadn’t had my first kiss until I was 16. Which was yesterday and I messed it up. There was finally a girl who wanted me which was weird aha. She was very experienced with guys, she wasn’t a virgin, she knew what she was doing. I was reluctant to meet her outside of school because I knew I wouldn’t know what to say or do. But I ended up meeting her and it was clear she only wanted to do one thing. She grabbed me by the arm and dragged me through town until she pulled me into an empty alleyway. She really took control of everything which I wasn’t expecting. She pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me. She was really intense and was grabbing me by the hair to push my face into hers. I, like a moron, came in my pants. I couldn’t help it I had literally only masturbated about situations like this and it had finally happened and I spunked myself. So she was really mad when she found out. She pulled down my trousers to give me a blowjob and then seen my cum everywhere. She looked disgusted, she stood up and looked me in the eyes. She called me a dickhead, slapped me and kicked me in my dick which was still hanging out. I fell to the floor holding my dick, I said sorry while she was stood over me. She kicked me a few more times while I was down and left. She’s told everyone in school that I cummed myself when she hugged me which didn’t happen, but it might as well have. So that was my first time with a girl, and now probably my last time for a few more years. If any 16+ year old girls don’t mind a 16 year old boy who cums in his pants when kissed (although I think it won’t happen again) then uh hit me up. If this happened to any other guy they’d probably be suicidal lol. I just don’t take anything seriously. Looking back it’s kind of funny isn’t it?

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  • When you are 50 you will wish you could still get so excited and that turned on over something that quickly.

  • Aha that’s a nice way of looking at it! Or maybe I’ll have the strongest dick game any 50 year old has ever had

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