Me and my wife had only been married 4yrs we was both young and naive .I had taken on a job that came with a flat we could not afford to buy or rent at that time , The boss and his wife seemed really nice we both got on well with them , Has the weeks a months passed we all got to know each other quite well and we was comfortable with each other , Then things started to change a little bit at a time , The boss would say inappropriate things to my wife at first we would laugh , When we did protest he made it quite clear that I work for him and we lived in his flat also his wife was equally has bad , We would make excuses to avoid going out with them or socialising with them but theres only so many times you can do that , One time we went out and ended up at his house and the conversation he started was about lesbians , He asked my wife if she could fancy a woman my wife said no , Then he said what about Wendy that was his wife could you fancy her , My wife said she was not a lesbian so no not really , Then he said Wendy likes you going sit next to her my wife was hesitant but did what he said , Wendy leaned in to kiss my wife , my wife moved away my boss said don't move away kiss my wife your not going home until you do , So Wendy kissed my wife he told them to keep kissing until he says stop , He looked at me smilling then said your wife only wears short skirts so she can show her pants , He told Wendy to push my wife's skirt up my wife struggled so my boss held her arms while Wendy pushed it up ,My wife protested and struggled so they let her go my boss said go then and go from this job and the flat , We didn't know what to do he said you want to keep your job end the flat you do what we say , Neither one of us said anything ,He said ok your still here , Then he told my wife to pull her skirt up because he struggled some times to get a glimpse of her pants , My wife pulled it up so he could see her pants then he said stand behind her and hold her skirt up for her I did , Then he told my wife to pull her pants down then she started to pull them down , He told his wife to kneel down in front of my wife and take my wifes pants off completely , Then he said to Wendy heres your present lick her Wendy licked my wife , my wife was at first tryihg to move away then she seemed to start enjoying it this went on for a while he told Wendy to stand up and pull her skirt up , Then he told my wife to kneel down in front of wendy and pull her pants down , My wife did what my boss said , go on do what you want to do to my wife she started licking Wendy for a long time ,Then my boss told them both to strip naked all but there shoes which they did then he told them to go to Wendy's bedroom and will see you later , we did 2hrs later my wife when she came back she looked happy that was the start of it , before we left my boss said he wants a kiss from my wife my wife kiissed him he said has we was leaving to my wife snow your pants my wife did then we left life was never the same .

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