I want a biracial child

I dream and wish for a biracial child with someone. I am 44 years old, white and am in great shape. I am financially secure and would really want this to happen. I am looking for a black lady who shares my feelings. Let’s chat and make this happen.

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  • For the past 7 months our neighbors son who's 17 has been my day time lover he's Black and I am half Japanese and Hawaiian and I work as a exotic dancer at a club in the neighboring city and I am very good at what I do.
    My neighbors son like I said he's 17 wont be 18 till October he pestered me to give him a dance so one afternoon I got into my grass skirt and all and started in with a Fiji fertility dance well it worked he got so worked up he started in jerking off in front of me and when he came he shot himself all over my hips and stomach. God I couldn't believe he had the balls to do that in front of me but it really turned me on. I continued to dance getting closer and closer to him till I was actually rubbing against him from time to time. He kept trying to take hold of me but working as a dancer you know the moves to roll out from anyone's grasps but in the end I let him and man did he ever started in kissing me telling me he didn't think any girl could move like that and he was totally worked up showing me his hard cock walking towards me taking hold of me kissing my lips as he was he untied my grass skirt letting it fall to the ground revealing that I was nude beneath it. In no time he had my nipples hard as he rubbed himself against me and he layed me down on the lounger to give me what he wanted to for so long. and proceeded to shove his hard cock into me.

  • Unfortunately yes, even seriously perverted morons like yourself have the right to express themselves here. First however for the record, the result of what you wish for would not be a biracial idiot ; rather it would be no more than a bonafide Mungrel. Now look, this planet has way too many of them mungrels now and at your advanced age, you are most likely not virile or potent enough to fertilize the ovum of any scumbag anyhow. Furthermore, even money says you are far from being financially stable and not in shape either. The worst part though, is you being afflicted with that incurable mental disease known as liberalism, which is sure to be passed on. The world certainly does not need any more of that affliction so just check yourself up short of doing anything rash & not in your best interest anyhow.

  • I’m white, my husband is white, he said he wanted this, so he bred me with some bucks. Now we have two biracial kids. Try that.

  • I bet you loved it too.

  • Oh god yes I did! Loved it!

  • You scumbag, should be subjected to rigorous forms of Japanese torture, then Indian torture, & then hung by your ankles from a tall tree until all your blood puts tremendous pressure on your cranium, slowly killing you.

  • Do you still fuck black dudes?

  • You are a disgrace to your race. If God wanted Negros to interbreed with Whites, he wouldn't have placed them on separate continents. Also, your pathetic little white pecker will certainly not pleasure a Negresses huge gaping fuckgina, let alone impregnate her. Have some self respect and stick to females of your own species.

  • Kill yourself.

  • Why would I kill myself? I'm a perfectly happy dude, with a great life, and a great since of pride in my race. Maybe it's you that should opt out.

  • Not exactly freak. You should respect & thank that individual for giving you free, sensible advice.
    Now to answer your foolish question you should kill yourself because we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that if you do NOT, another one of us reasonable men WILL. YOU need to opt out as you put it. This type of irresponsible behavior will no longer be tolerated, Period.

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